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Fuji feeder E-clips

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 02 17:52:41 EDT 2008 | fsw

Sr. Tech, We have a IP III on one of our lines. We were hand placing an Samtec SMT connector MMT-108-01-T-DH series. I asked our SMT tech to get the IP to place it & he said we need tabs on the connector. So we got the "tab" version. Now he is not a

To remove a AMP Mictor Connector

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 13 19:52:47 EST 2001 | davef

1800??? That's not a Mictor part number. Huh? What??? Haaaa!!!! You gotta do what???? 1800 ofem??? Haaaa!!!! Sorry. It�s simple. Just ... * Cut all the SMT gull wing leads on both sides of the connector just above the solder. * Put the co

Re: Help I need DATA on Thermal shock caused by REWORK!

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 01 16:17:10 EDT 1999 | Dave F

I am currently in the middle of a company wide war and I'm looking for data (AMMO). Here are the problems: 1) I am looking for anyone who has done or seen any reports on Thermal Shock to smt parts and/or via holes caused by Soldering Irons at

Flex Circuit Assembly Process (Sitiffeners)

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 29 11:25:49 EDT 2010 | mazjal7

Hi, We are placing a Surface Mount connector on a flex circuit, we are planing on using SMT carriers to support the flex through the SMT process. Underneath the connector a stiffener needs to be adhere, I'm not sure if we should have the flex manu

Re: Help I need DATA on Thermal shock caused by REWORK!

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 14 10:49:13 EDT 1999 | Dan Woodward

Andrew, As I read about issues with reworking connectors, whether they are surface mount or PTH soldered, I wonder if compliant pin pressfit connectors are being considered. They are easily assembled after all SMT without any thermal input, and on e


Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 24 18:45:06 EDT 2002 | jersbo

I have done experiments on small runs, with a few connectors and have had favorable results, I had apertures (oversized)made for the thru-hole connectors on our SMT stencil and hand inserted the connectors.. A few insufficient solders here and there

Problems with SN100C in a Soltec Delta C Wave

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 13 04:20:21 EDT 2006 | Grant

Hi, ok, I have a bit more info after playing further with the profiling. We are getting close, but we don't have enough top side heat I think. The IR lamps just don't give enough, but we can get better connector that should help. But we have anoth

Re: Using solder paste/reflow for leaded thru hole parts .

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 03 09:29:19 EDT 1998 | Dave F

Hi all. I am trying to put one 20 pin thru hole connector along with the smt components on the PCB. I would appreciate if somebody can guide me in getting thru this process. I also need to know how much bigger the holes on the screen or stencil

PCI Press Fit on Daughter Cards

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 08:54:49 EDT 1999 | Wendy Casker

Hello, We have just received a contract to assemble some PCI daughter cards with the AMP Zpak style connectors. I am comfortable pressing connectors into backplanes, even double sided SMT, but would like any advice on designing a fixture to support

Backplane Assembly Info Request

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 08 10:02:11 EST 1999 | Steve Beck

Hello; I am looking for general info on backplane assemblies. Any info would be appreciated, but some of the questions that come to mind include: -What part types other than connectors do backplane cards have on them? SMT? Leaded? Quantity? Is

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