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Soldering Test Interview

Electronics Forum | Wed May 04 12:11:58 EDT 2005 | thaqalain

Thanks Nice , u r really at right angle 90 deg.I tried desoldering by both guns, then tried to pull it out but no success. In what units u talking about air and temperature?

Vitronics Unitherm 500

Electronics Forum | Sat May 07 04:28:51 EDT 2005 | grayman

try checking the speed/conveyor driver,encoder,comunication I/O Board system and lastly the program. If the driver is at fault replaced it do not repair it. If software try to load it again but make back up.

GSM Old vision system AIS 3500

Electronics Forum | Sun May 08 08:53:39 EDT 2005 | smtuser1234

Marcel, If I were you I would call Universal and explain what you are trying to do. What are you trying to do ?

Very fishy missing solder paste issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 11:13:11 EDT 2005 | Scott B

Have you tried running the machine in stepper mode (Ctrl+S). This will allow you to hold and view the machine at each stage of the placement cycle. This may help determine if it is false placement, vacuum or kiss-off. We find this useful when trying

Identify A No-Lead Part

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 19 13:23:30 EDT 2005 | bman

Try: http://www.circuittechctr.com/products/201-5100.shtml I've never tried it, but it looks like it should do the trick.

Vertical fill solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 08:54:09 EDT 2005 | Slaine

if the problem is wetting change the flux type. have you tried adjusting the temperature of the wave? if your getting 100% wetting id decrease the wave temperature, or try a flux that is less active.

Servo alarm X2-axis (FIP-3)

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 11 15:30:28 EDT 2005 | Dave

Hi Jerry, I thought the same so tried running other programs that are known to work on the IP-3 but still no joy. I shall try Alan's suggestion with cleaning the linear scale and see what happens. Thanks!

Solder wetting issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 02 08:10:25 EST 2005 | Amol Kane

Davef and russ, thank you for your input The kester was selected due to a management decision, I shall recommend that other solder be tried out as well. davef, i'll try out the soldering iron......and also look for the green tint (didnt notice that

Solder Paste Problem (M705)

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 06:13:31 EST 2005 | trs

Try to get a sample of Indium and give it a try......i happen to think its the greatest stuff since sliced bread!

Convertion Gerber to P&P data

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 29 03:32:59 EDT 2007 | bing007

Try unisoft who advertise in this forum. Looking at this software myself. May be giving it a try soon. http://www.unisoft-cim.com/services.html Steve

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