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Thinking of changing Pick and Place from Quads

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 11 19:52:39 EST 2015 | dontfeedphils

I've dealt with MyData, Assembleon, Fuji, and Juki over the last 9 years with the majority being MyData and Juki so I'll talk about them. MyData was very nice for high mix/low volume due to the ease of setup and smart feeders, but I felt like I was

Managing Thermocouple wires during reflow profiling

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 15 17:42:14 EST 2016 | huske

We rarely do profiling so we don't need all the new fancy stuff. But when we do I get a piece of aluminum rod and an empty reel of parts (preferably a 12" reel) fasten the thermocouples and wrap the loose end around the reel. The larger reel gives

GSM Discrete I/O Address List

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 17 20:36:49 EST 2016 | ttheis

I'm trying to configure the nozzle changers on my GSM1 machine because they were not configured when I bought it. I've figured out most of the setup with the UPS documentation, but I don't know what the I/O addresses are for the changers. Does anyon

FEEDER : X-Y out of range! Pick up by Head 2

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 25 17:27:45 EDT 2016 | victoriajon

Up and running smoothly this morning, but got the attached error when switching from a reel feeder to a tray of the same part. We are getting this error message during setup - any suggestions are welcome. I am available to answer any questions that

MPM up500 smema issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 31 09:45:36 EDT 2016 | ttheis

I have a smema conveyor connected to the downline fmi connection on my up500 but the fmi sugnals show the coneyor ready signal going ro the upline ready input (screenshot). The downline ready output is activated qhen a board is output from the printe

Online Label printing & placement

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 12:37:55 EDT 2016 | mmjm_1099

We stated placing labels on our lines for a couple years now and over the past year it has really taken off. Hover-Davis is the place you need to contact in order to get the correct feeder for your machines. They will want a single column label with

Setup of AOI Libraries

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 10 14:23:01 EST 2016 | rkondner

Hi, We just bought 2 YesTech F1 AOI machines and we could use a little help. We are using Mentor Valor tools which generated placement files (.ycd) but we need to manage our F1 package and marking libraries. We will be doing a lot of very short run

Reflow Oven Brand

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 02 12:39:41 EST 2017 | mnorthey

We have been using Vitronics for over 20 years with very few problems. I imagine Heller is just as good, I would rather you talk to your Solder provider Rep to find out about any add-ons you need for your specific processes. Along with that info and

Nitrogen gassing ring

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 11 08:37:35 EST 2017 | tch

My company has had the same issue on our Versaflow 366 with SAC305, we tried ultrasonic cleaning and it worked for a shift and then was clogged again. We have had the machine for 3 years and we have had to replace the gassing rings twice so far. We a

Conformal Coating Coupons

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 17 10:21:21 EDT 2017 | dontfeedphils

So I'm starting up a conformal coating process from scratch (again, although it's been about 10 years) and I'm looking for the best option for verifying thickness. I plan on going the "coupon per setup" route which will encompass both our manual spr

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