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Fuji CP6 and IP3 specifications request

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 05 08:15:39 EDT 2016 | jdengler

The IP3 specs are: PCB Dimensions Max: 508 mm x 457 mm - Min: 80mm x 50mm Thickness: 0.8 to 4.0mm Component Capacity Tape: 74 - 8/12mm Device Locations Tray: 40 Locations Placing Rate: 0.55 sec/component for small chips 1.25 sec/component for ICs

Ekra E4 stencil wipe problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 13:14:11 EDT 2016 | claudea2

Hello, we have an Ekra E4 that we bought used and the stencil wipe never worked. We found that the air tubing for the up (black)& down (blue) of the wipe roll is missing. There are 2 push connectors for up and 2 for down to receive the tubes. Does an

Transferring backed up files to new hard drive compaq prolinea 4/33s

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 06 16:10:25 EST 2016 | teslalab2

Hi! I have a Quad IVc pick and place that runs dos. The GUI computer is a compaq prolinea 4/33s. The hard drive went stupid mode and now wont respond. I have all of the data backed up. I tried transferring the files to a fairly modern hard drive (20g

Universal Instruments 5423A Loader/Unloader Allen & Bradley SLC500 5/03 PLC Software ??

Electronics Forum | Fri May 12 03:41:03 EDT 2017 | pmcg

Contact Dan Trinka at http://www.4techusa.com he > should be able to help. > > He is great when it > comes to the UIC stuff. We tried 4Tech but unfortunately they didn't have the code for the correct 5423A version. Programmed a couple of PLC's wi

Universal Genesis Inline7

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 19 10:53:29 EST 2018 | spoiltforchoice

Well the website says "Mounting capability (under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor)" which normally means if they cheat like mad and extrapolate to that number using the absolute fastest path from pick to place. How close you can get to

PCB Thickness and BLR

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 03 13:26:32 EDT 2019 | az2019

Hi, I have a general question about the relationship of PCB thickness and BLR testing result. For example, I have QFN6x6 parts mounted on board in 1.2mm, 1.6mm, and 2.4mm thickness. All boards have 6 layers of Cu. Studies show thicker board gives les

12Layers arbitrary interconnection HDI PCB Board

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 24 03:17:31 EDT 2019 | jerry888

Hi All, Showing a nice 12Layers arbitrary interconnection SOM board we finished for a client. We provide lots of high complex HDI pcb boards for clients.such as 8L,10L,12L,14L(3+N+3,4+N+4 and arbitrary interconnection) HDI boards. Any friend need

PCBA Micro-Sectioning

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 01 21:21:56 EDT 2019 | davef

Look here: * Bueler: https://www.buehler.com/TechnicalArticles/Smarter-Sample-Prep-for-Electronics-Industry.pdf * Struers: https://www.struers.com/en/Knowledge/Grinding-and-polishing#grinding-polishing-how-to * ASM International: https://www.asmi

Quad 4c not placing components

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 04 12:01:59 EDT 2019 | slthomas

My recollection of the 4c is fuzzy but I know that there's a ribbon cable on the head that gets some abuse when the head rotates. Seems like mine would eventually break at the crimps and I had to replace it a few times. Eventually I bought the parts

Solder balls

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 15 00:08:01 EST 2019 | ramesh_10377

hi i recommend following actions. 1) check the location where most solder ball is finding 2) verify the printer setting parameter if the problem is still persisting please go below action 1. Stencil thickness should be 4 mil 2. Aperture ope

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