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Back-side 150p SMD connector

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 28 13:41:24 EST 2003 | ksfacinelli

Thanks for the info Russ.....

Manual screen printer ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 21:32:42 EST 2004 | Ken

Elite? De-Hart? man that brings back memories. Anyone here remember "Screens"?

MyData tool damage

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 04 12:32:32 EST 2006 | grantp

Hi, Your dragging up a thread from back in 2004 here? Grant

When to Underfil CSP and uBGA ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 18 11:18:13 EST 2005 | GS

Thanks Dave, I'll come back. Regards GS

Electrovert OmniFlo Ovens

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 26 08:59:32 EST 2005 | ???

Marc C--- Is this the same Marc that used to work for Vitronics then for Speedline and now is back with Vitronics??

I'm back in the saddle, and it's a ....

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 05:29:13 EDT 2005 | ??

hmmmmmm.....electric toothbrush........never heard of it... hahhahahahahha.........chow

SPM AV Different Problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 08 13:51:01 EDT 2005 | james

Where are these located at in the back of the machine.

fine pitch QFP

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 18 00:35:15 EDT 2005 | mskler

Thanks to all. I am working on your suggetions will get back as the problem solved

How to remove paint from back of PCB without damaging ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 11 10:04:51 EDT 2005 | russ

Try Acetone.

MSD Control

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 04 17:29:16 EDT 2005 | telenbaas

The indicator cards only show the current humidity, not the peak. They will revert back to blue if placed in dry conditions.

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