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Conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 16:30:04 EST 2004 | blnorman

What conformal coating are you using - silicone, acrylic, urethane?

Conformal Coating Machines

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 12 03:51:17 EDT 2004 | Andy Wong

Hi, Can this machine control the coated thickness very tight and good repeatability. Thanks.

Coating adhesion problems

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 21 11:34:10 EDT 2004 | davef

Several things to check are: * Ask Multicore if their flux res and your conformal coat are compatible. Conformal coats and NC flux res are notorious for having compatibily issues. * Conformal coat a bare board to determine if there is there is enoug

Conformal coating inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 01 15:53:59 EST 2004 | davef

uV light inspection indicates the "completeness" of coverage, but provides no measurement of coating thickness.

Baking prior to conformal coat

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 08:24:28 EDT 2005 | dougs

are you going to clean the boards prior to coating?

Conformal coating for 90% humidity

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 14:16:24 EDT 2005 | pjc

Try contacting Humiseal. They are BIG in conformal coating materials: http://www.humiseal.com/

PVA Conformal Coating Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 15 08:33:30 EST 2005 | Amol Kane

Hi, Is anyone out there using the PVA selective conformal coating machine and knowledgable about programming it?

Conformal Coating in New England

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 13:29:22 EST 2006 | markb

Does anyone know of a place in New England that can do silicone conformal coating?

Coating Systems

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 07:08:48 EDT 2007 | sitges2200

Hi, I am looking to find a coating line , but have few experience. Something besides Asymtek and PVA?

Curing Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 05 18:11:53 EDT 2008 | jlawson

Also coating costs depends on solids content vs final dry film thickness. Some newer UV coatings are 100% solids, so what you put down you get on the PCB after cure, use no solvents at all. So a cost to look at are qty of PCB per litre of material. T

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