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solder fillet peeling

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 03 12:03:00 EDT 2003 | slthomas

So, there is a crack or gap between: * Solder and component termination. Bingo Correct? Describe: * Coarseness / smoothness of the metal on the termination underneither the crack. * Solder left on the termination. Unfortunately at 45X I can't rea

MPM UP2000 Hi-e

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 29 10:36:09 EDT 2006 | Chunks

With the UP2000 that has vacuum board hold down, the Grid Loc hoses defeat the vacuum in order for them to exit the work table. Big boards require more girds, thus more hoses. Set-up between large and small boards takes time to remove or add the gr

Questions on underfill process

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 08 15:37:41 EDT 2007 | ck_the_flip

Jim: I have limited knowledge, but here's what I know: 1. Yes, it's a standard process. In today's SMTNet, it's rarely mentioned, and few people reply to postings. 2. Nope. It's a "specialty" piece of equipment for most CEM's. Depending on you

PCBA Handling Damage

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 22 09:58:29 EST 2008 | realchunks

The only easy solution is not to handle the boards. Purchase true double sided reflow lines. Buy automated magazine loading conveyors. Check machine board supposrts. Are you sure it's from handling? We found it was 50/50 between board handling

Need help on selecting the SMT equipment for small volume

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 14 17:18:38 EDT 2005 | August

Dear All, I'm looking for the complete SMT equiment line (solder printer, P&P, Reflow) uses for the small volume production line. I happen to know that Manncorp and APSGold can provide the complete ST line, but I haven't hear and use these machine be


Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 10 07:30:19 EDT 2017 | spoiltforchoice

TBH I think perhaps the OP deserved it, there is perfectly good explanation of Reflow and Process Window Index on Wikipedia for starters and if you want more all sorts of FREE specialist papers on things like reflowing flex circuit, lead/lead free et

Re: Unwetting leads of Palladium Plated Pins

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 01 12:50:47 EST 1999 | justin medernach

Hello! SMT professionals, I do not know if anyone posted this question before. Last week, I reflowed our newly designed thin Rigid-Flex pcb with 0.040" thickness. I found all of pins of a TQFP48 ic did not get wetted. I could see on the hee

Re: BGA Repair Problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 12 14:39:09 EDT 1998 | Mike C

Have an SRT w/preheat, 18 layer board all copper, 456 BGA needs to be removed and replaced. The manufacturer is Chip Express and during reflow it warps up or down. Causing either opens or shorts on the corners. I was using gel flux with multiple

Re: PCMCIA QFP Process Issue

Electronics Forum | Tue May 23 20:44:13 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Sal: You and Wolfgang are spot on, but let's see if we can blow this out a bit. Before proceding to rattle on ... � PC Card. A credit card-size computer peripheral that add memory, mass storage, and I/O capabilities to computers in a rugged, compa

Re: 2% silver solder paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 17:44:29 EDT 1999 | Christopher Lampron

We process both tin/lead plated boards and gold plated boards in our surface mount group. I have used Sn62/Pb36/Ag2 solder paste on all gold plated boards to help prevent gold scavaging. To reduce the amount of different solder pastes we have to

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