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nozzle cleaning GSM

Electronics Forum | Fri May 17 04:26:13 EDT 2013 | eniac

I don't know about Universal GSM, but for my Mirae's nozzles I use IPA and small US-bath.

ICOM rose tester resistivity error?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 31 11:31:54 EDT 2013 | pbarton

Could it be that the IPA you are using in the solvent/DI mix is not anhydrous, or in some other way not the correct purity? If it is not correct you will not be able to calibrate. Best rgds, Peter B.

SOT 23 Rework Time

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 19 17:21:58 EST 2014 | bandjwet

Hi All: What is a "good" time for removal and replacement of an SOT23. Steps are ID, remove, site dress, replace with new, clean using IPA and inspect per Class II, My average time is 3 minutes. Regards BWET

seperation of soldermask and pcb

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 08:29:33 EDT 2014 | sara_pcb

Please refer the attached jpegs, The problem is noticed after reflow soldering followed by conventional through hole soldering. Flux used one is MIL Std. Brush cleaning in IPA is followed after each soldering step. regards, R.Saravanan


Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 16 02:29:29 EST 2015 | abhilash4788

Hi All, One of our customer has suggested not to use Aqueous cleaning process as well as IPA for cleaning the PCBA. The reason behind this is they leave moisture contend on pcba. Can any one suggest any cleaning agent suitable for this condition.

Isopropyl alcohol

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 29 19:35:31 EST 2016 | caurbach

"Some of the most serious symptoms of IPA poisoning include slowed breathing, dizziness, and coma." Sounds like a party to me! Adam


Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 01 11:00:24 EDT 2016 | sachinverma

its spray fluxer we deassemble the nozzle clean and reassamble again. flux tank also clean with IPA. ya same problem in all product plz find the attachments about flux

Nitrogen gassing ring

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 09 02:59:37 EST 2017 | bukas

what kind of contamination are you dealing with? ultrasonic bath with IPA should do the work, if not, you can always try trichloroethylene (this is last option, its very hazardous)

Nitrogen gassing ring

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 02:36:12 EST 2017 | bukas

yep, thats it. you will need to clean the whole pot. I used some dishwashing wire and Kyzen, and then removed Kyzen residues with IPA.

Testing effect of non-clean flux residue on solder joints

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 02 15:45:04 EDT 2017 | dleeper

For low volume hand assembly, deionized water or IPA should work fine.

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