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solder ball

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 10 19:20:59 EDT 2021 | kojotssss

Hi, Too much paste on grounding pad. Looks like also doesnt have path for gases, for void escaping.

solder defect

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 20 17:43:03 EDT 2019 | deanm

Looks like poor wetting/solderability to me. I don’t see heel fillets on the leads where the solder balls up. The solder has to go somewhere. It won’t flow where it won’t wet. Try printing a bare board and run through reflow. If the solder balls up o

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 31 02:13:14 EST 2019 | agoesfirmanto

This PCB model has been in production since 2018 and stopped production almost 1 year ago, now it has started production again and I found this problem. at the time of production in 2018 this problem did not occur. while the parameter settings do not

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 02 07:04:57 EST 2020 | dontfeedphils

Pretty large solder-ball. Looks like it may have come from the ground pad since it's so large, in which case I would reduce the print coverage on the middle/ground pad and see how it works for you. You verified that these parts have the groundpad a

solder wire

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 02 12:56:41 EDT 2001 | Scott B

We have come across this where the operator was using thin gauge solder wire (more suited to fine pitch SMT soldering) to form large solder fillets (power connections or sheild cans). We found that the operator was feeding large amounts of solder wir

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 02 22:23:54 EST 2020 | jakapratama

Hello Pak Agus, Was there perhaps a change in solder paste? There has been confirmed occurrence in your case which happened in the work place I was before; all same parameter, equipment, material, and suddenly solder ball outbreak happened across al

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 14:48:16 EDT 2001 | mparker

Just received "Circuits Assembly", July 2001 issue. An article regarding solder balls and aperture design, beginning on page 40. This DOE had aperture, reflow profile and no clean pastes (3 types) as attributes. It is advocated that a U-shaped a

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 06 15:55:28 EDT 2002 | arzu

I agree with the others and experienced the problem myself this week. Solderballs at the side of the chips. I looked at the board and found that the chip is pressing the paste away too much. This in combination with our quite big pads(and stencilaper

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 21:56:00 EST 2001 | davef

Every critter out there with large incisors adapted for gnawing and nibbling has a different theory of solder ball formation. [My theory: It�s punishment for using NC fluxes. Stand and deliver. My solder balls end-up in the gross filter connected

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 08 11:06:36 EST 2001 | pr

You oven guys are SOOOO sensitive! I must agree though, the oven profile made nowhere near the difference that the Homeplate did, in our place.

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