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The Nature of White Residue on Printed Circuit Assemblies

Technical Library | 1999-05-07 10:47:00.0

White residue remaining after cleaning circuit board assemblies can be caused by a variety of chemicals and reactions. Rosin and water-soluble fluxes, circuit board resins and epoxies, component materials and other contamination all contribute to this complex chemistry. This paper discusses many of the sources of the residues that seem to be an ever-increasing occurrence.


0201 Placement - Only With The Right Team and Tools!

Technical Library | 2003-09-17 02:59:58.0

It appears very logical that the successor of the 0402 size SMD would be the 0201. Curves showing the life-cycle of a body size, from introduction to most used to only for special cases, are very similar for the 1206, 0805, 0603 and 0402. So there is reason to expect that the same will happen with the 0201. Until now there is only little evidence for this, but most technologies come later than expected but faster than expected!


Organic Flip Chip Packages for Use in Military and Aerospace Applications

Technical Library | 2006-11-14 12:48:31.0

Content: 1. Bridge from Commercial Reliability 2. Existing PBGA use in Aerospace & Military 3. Drivers: Plastic versus Ceramic Package Weight 4. Attributes of PTFE and Thin Core FC Packages 5. Flip Chip Package Reliability 6. Flip Chip Package

i3 Electronics

Fragility of Pb-free Solder Joints

Technical Library | 2007-04-18 19:23:22.0

Recent investigations have revealed that Pb-free solder joints may be fragile, prone to premature interfacial failure particularly under shock loading, as initially formed or tend to become so under moderate thermal aging. Depending on the solder pad surface finish, different mechanisms are clearly involved, but none of the commonly used surface finishes appear to be consistently immune to embrittlement processes. This is of obvious concern for products facing relatively high operating temperatures for protracted times and/or mechanical shock or strong vibrations in service.

Universal Instruments Corporation

Embedded Thermoelectric Cooling

Technical Library | 2008-03-25 18:15:54.0

Thin film thermoelectric devices offer a fundamentally new operating regime for integrated, active cooling solutions and localized thermal management, yet the assembly methodology used to implement these devices is fully compatible with existing surface mount approaches. In order to take advantage of these unique characteristics, thin film thermoelectric devices need to be designed for the appropriate thermal and form-factor environments, with system-level constraints carefully considered as an integral part of the overall design process.

Nextreme Thermal Solutions, Inc.

Digital manufacturing for traceability: The way to higher product quality and better warranty management

Technical Library | 2010-08-26 21:06:17.0

Driven by high-profile regulations compliance like the TREAD Act, warranty management has become a hot topic across industries worldwide. Recalls are costly and time-consuming events that should be avoided entirely. But without adequate process traceability and product genealogy, too many customers will get defective products and too many products will be recalled for repair or replacement even though they are not defective. Both scenarios have enormous implications for the quality-conscious manufacturer that gets rated on the number of recalls it performs - not to mention the enormous direct costs. The core issue is visibility into product quality.

ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG

Modern 2D / 3D X-Ray Inspection - Emphasis on BGA, QFN, 3D Packages, and Counterfeit Components

Technical Library | 2010-09-16 18:45:06.0

With PCB complexity and density increasing and also wider use of 3D devices, tougher requirements are now imposed on device inspection both during original manufacture and at their subsequent processing onto printed circuit boards. More complicated and de

Nordson DAGE

A Two-Layer Board Intellectual Property to Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation

Technical Library | 2011-03-24 18:48:30.0

In this paper, a PCB layout technique is proposed to maintain ideal return paths for high-speed traces routing. Our goal is to implement and verify the digital LCD-TV in 2-layer PCB including the high-speed memory interfaces with less electromagnetic radi

MediaTek Inc.

Technical Considerations for Controlling ESD in Electronics Manufacturing

Technical Library | 2011-08-18 19:12:04.0

Overview of ESD, Associated Risks and Prevention Measures


Alternative Pb-Free Alloys

Technical Library | 2011-08-25 17:47:23.0

While SnAgCu (SAC) alloys still dominate Pb-free selection in North America, especially Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu (SAC305), there are alternative material systems available. Any OEM that is concerned about the high reflow temperatures of SAC or relies on ODM, it is im

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