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Where do you find SMT Programmers?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 17 16:47:38 EDT 2020 | stephendo

Ask your Fuji sales rep. And other sales people that you deal with. And if you are ever looking for a job ask them if they know who is hiring. Good sales reps keep their ear to the ground.

Where do you find SMT Programmers?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 17 16:52:38 EDT 2020 | jeffreychea

Thank you so much Stephen, I will look into it. Hiring seems to be very word-of-mouthy in this industry - I appreciate the help!

Where do you find SMT Programmers?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 21 14:29:16 EDT 2020 | emeto

Get someone with experience in machine programming or smart/educated enough to do the job and send them to Fuji to learn the machine specific programming.

Buying Used High Speed Equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 22 09:22:44 EST 2002 | itempea

Steve, don't forget that the first assessment you should make is whether a CP6 is what you really need. It's highly reliable, fast, but no so flexible. For a low volume, high mix, it might not be your best bet. Other things to consider: - the exper


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 23 13:08:47 EDT 2002 | dragonslayr

Daan has made a valid point with regards to expertise and use of a machine. Yet I recognize that with advanced technology, trades must occur. A hghly sophisticated AOI unit can and will help reduce overall cost of production. Therefore, a need to ha

quad 4c

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 15 17:36:45 EST 2002 | jonfox

First of all, who are you buying it from? If it is not coming with any coverage (parts or tech support) from Tyco, don't make this your first one. They can adjust to just about anything you can program on them (big plus) but I would recommend havin

What is a typical SMT placement defect rate?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 16 14:13:17 EDT 2014 | alexeis

Hi, If you can not rely on your programmer and the tools he uses then "double checking" can save you only materials but in time you really do not save often extend meaning. There are things you can identify before the stove, but if you use tools li

Conformal Coat

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 09:54:49 EDT 2016 | swag

Not exactly SMT but something I recently did that might save you lots of time and money: Complex high $ assy that has 25+ conformal coat keep out areas - most different shapes. All locations are dimensioned on customers' print. We tried a one piec

Lead trimming

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 29 13:30:43 EDT 2016 | gregp

Versatec specializes in the remanufacture of Contact Systems machines, most notably the CS-400E component locator with programmable cut and clinch. these machines are field proven over the past two decades and provide many benefits when utilized: 1.

Required-SMT Programmers(Electronics)pref exp: PNP & AOI program

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 13:04:45 EST 2018 | shuchita

We are an ISO certified PCB & PCBA manufacturer located in USA. We are expanding our team at India(ahmedabad) office , 1) We require an SMT programmer that is familiar with SMT pick and place machines like Juki and/or Universal and softwares like

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