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Release difficult from thick stencil

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 24 09:35:56 EDT 2000 | Wister

Our important customer demanded us to use 12mil thick stencil,it is too difficult to release solder paste from stencil.it is not helpful even I ask stencil supplier polished the openings.The flux content is 10%. I want to ask if the polyurethane sque

The specification of Paste deposition thickness and volume

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 21 10:56:38 EDT 2001 | davef

Not as such. Look at IPC-7525 �Stencil Design Guidelines� The issues are: area and aspect ratios. They relate the size of the aperture opening to the thickness of the stencil. Check the fine SMTnet Archives for guidelines.

Volume of paste deposited with respect to board thickness

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 01 07:26:55 EDT 2004 | johnwnz

Alistair, your paste deposit is controlled by a few things: Stencil thickness Squeegee pressure Squeegee speed Print gap in 99 out of 100 applications for paste printing you would have a print gap of 0 i.e. on contact printing where the PCB is in fu

manual stencil print 2 passes

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 24 20:11:43 EST 2008 | xianhua_tang

hi,brettc! Our stencil openings no more than 4mm * 4mm, you have a larger component of the pads is more than a 4*4? At the same time, with the thickness of the stencil, I would like to increase the printing speed can be improved to reduce the thickne

Blocking stencil apertures (on purpose)

Electronics Forum | Thu May 01 13:56:45 EDT 2003 | kmorris

Dave: After the stencil was made with apertures for a connector on this PCB, it was discovered that the connector would have to be handsoldered after SMT reflow. If the solder deposits are left to reflow on the pads, it makes it difficult for the o

Small apperture release from stencil

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 12:29:35 EST 2013 | mikesewell

What foil thickness? Type 3 or 4 paste? Have you checked your area ratio(s)? You could overprint or drop your foil thickness by one mil to improve the ratio and paste transfer. As always you can search the fine SMTnet archives for more info.

Re: Mechanical stencil foil tensioning

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 07 13:10:15 EST 1999 | Sam Sangani

| Has anyone used the mechanical stencil foil tensioning system from certain company that eliminates using stencil frames and epoxy & mesh? Any comments on whether it's worth looking into? We go through product revisions like we go through clean so

Blocking stencil apertures (on purpose)

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 28 09:53:10 EDT 2003 | kmorris

I've got a set of apertures on a stencil that I would like to "plug" or block off. In the past we've done this with Kapton tape, but since this location is close to a fine pitch component, the thickness of the tape prevents good gasketing at the fin

Re: SPC on stencil printer

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 13 20:44:42 EST 1999 | Steve Gregory

Hello Sanjay! The cheap deal I use that Earl spoke of is called a SMarT Measure. It's a depth measuring microscope that uses the same principle of measuring optical focus that the units from Vision Engineering do ( if you've ever looked at any

Re: SPC on stencil printer

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 14 15:22:14 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

| Steve, | Whoa, take a breath! That was at least a dollar three-eighty answer. I've got to agree that nothing can replace a qualified, concientious operator for assuring quality. When I too worked at a small shop there in SillyCone Valley, my

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