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Stenciling chipbonder.....

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 22 18:03:54 EST 2003 | slthomas

You probably pay the same as me. Ours is just fresher. ;) So fresh, in fact, that sometimes we can smell the brewery, when it's breezin' southerly. Not particularly appetizing, actually, although not as bad as the Stock Pot soup factory. City-wid

Ionizing pressurized air for pcb blow-off

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 21 20:01:14 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi This is a good one. Let me take a stab at it. First remind me, why is this air coming in carrying a charge. I think I remember yet it is always fun. Also hopefully it isn't carrying any compressor oils. There are some companys that make other t

What are decoupling capacitors?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 04 13:27:39 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi Wow Genny, I don't think I could have given so much detail so fast. I have designed some high RF test designs for testing purposes to pass only the High Frequency, yet I didn't want to muddy the water with this other side. Now you did it well a


Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 05 05:29:49 EST 2003 | Matherat

Our company does not assemble boards but our customers do and 2 side smd with through hole is pretty common in our experiences.Our customers usually have already decided to glue the bottom side components and fuse them during the wave solder process.

Tact Time Estimates

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 10 19:01:32 EST 2003 | Stephen

This touches on one of my pet peeves. Management types demand something, that is not feasible or practicle. So the manufacturers put something together to pass off as what was asked for. In this case a way to put hard numbers on what a machine can

Shelf life of PCBs

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 21 10:16:00 EST 2003 | O'Connor

Hi, Is there a standard that covers the shelf life of PCB's? I need to know, how long after manufacture a PCB can be stored in an uncontrolled envoirnment exposed to the atmosphere before being built on, currently we say 1 year, but nobody really kno

8 way 1606 resister arrays

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 21 20:24:13 EST 2003 | msimkin

Has anyone had success in soldering these devices, in particular devices from a company callede Pycomp. They are 8 way 0402 sized terminations. I have experemented with the printing process, placement verification & reflow profile. Unfortuanlty, I am

Scrapped Boards

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 23 16:48:23 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi "If a PCB board is scrapped because it contains faults that cannot be repaired or it has been damaged, we currently quarantine them for a period of time. Once this period of time has passed the boards are then disposed." Sounds Good, Usually thi

BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 28 04:02:39 EDT 2003 | chrissieneale

Hey, i'm back from the holiday. Progress on this board is quite good actually, althought the guy who i got to take off and replace all the bga's won't even look me in the eye!! He said he had a really tough job re-doing all the paste. 22 BGA's in a

Flux residue?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 30 14:35:35 EDT 2003 | clarkk

Hello all, We have received reports from two customers about electrical leakage on pcb assemblies that used Kester paste #HM531 (63/37) and washed with Kester 'Bio-kleen' saponifier and DI water. The leakage is such that when the boards receive power

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