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solder mask

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 09 04:15:33 EDT 1999 | Jacqueline Coia

I am having cleaning problems when processing PCB's which have TAIYO solder mask on them. After processing, hand soldering and cleaning, a sticky residue is remains, resulting in a cosmetically poor finish with tide marks etc. Other soldermasks do no

SMT Film Caps: Flim Caps - Success or Failure???

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 25 00:54:39 EDT 1998 | Charles Sullivan

Does anyone have process experience with SMT Panasonic Film Caps or SMT Film Caps from others? What advice can you give on special process precautions.....or special handling? Today we found cracking between the body and terminations after reflow..

Re: BGA Pad Dressing After Removal Method

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 07 09:35:16 EDT 1998 | Bob Willis

If any one needs a procedure for rework and repair of BGA there is a document on my Web Site to download www.bobwillis.co.uk What methods do people use to dress pads after removing and before replacing the BGA? We use solder wick and a soldering

Influence of dip-fluxing on flip-chip accuracy

Electronics Forum | Sun May 31 16:07:25 EDT 1998 | Alain De Bock

Is there anyone who knows what the influence is of the dip-fluxing process on the placement accuracy of a flip-chip. If you perform dip-fluxing after component alignment, the component may be displaced on the nozzle; if you perform component alignmen

Flat Solderable Tin as a PWB solderable surface finish

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 22 08:30:59 EST 2001 | krs

I have heard of this but do not have direct experience. Immersion tin is susceptible to moisture absorption particularly after washing off solder paste. So it sounds like your boards are picking up the solvent off the screen. Water rinse or degrease

OSP degradation

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 17 11:52:54 EDT 2002 | tmarc

Hello all, I have a question about OSP. The solder mask over traces leading to SMT pads, in some instances, does not cover all the way to the pad. Of course the stencil apertures do not include traces. After the SMT and reflow process, there is visib

COB Process (Chip On Board)

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 05 09:21:18 EST 2002 | stefwitt

After all, you may want to consider a Flip Chip process. The chips are bumped with tiny solder balls while still on the wafer. You may present the bumped chips in Gel Pack, trays or Surftape to your Pick $ Place machine ( if capable for Flip Chip pl

Epoxied Parts Falling Off

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 21 19:54:16 EST 2003 | jersbo

Make sure your epoxy dispenser is repeatable. DO an experiment , inspect every board to verify epoxy is there before the part is placed... Is there an epoxy residue left on the PCB where the parts fall off after wave??? We do the epoxy paste proce

Wave soldering profiling

Electronics Forum | Thu May 06 17:17:59 EDT 2004 | Bruce

I am glad this thread is still alive as I have a concern. I have just entered the wave soldering business after many years in smt. After wave I am getting icicles or flags on my component leeds. My temps seem to be all with in spec as does my NC flux

Monitoring Cleanliness of No-clean Assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 17:40:21 EDT 2003 | Steve

Wanted to inquire if anyone has a way to monitor cleanliness of boards that are assembled with a no-clean process. I'm aware that incoming board cleanliness can be monitored, however, I am after checking of cleanliness of boards after assembly. Wit

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