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LLP Device

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 08 15:12:41 EST 2006 | aj

All, I have a problem on a new device that we have on a new product. It is a LLP (Leadless Leadframe Package) if you search in google "sda16a" you can see one. I am finding it next to impossible to consistently achieve a good visible solder fillet

Jig for PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 18 12:34:15 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Outside the box: Can you retro your oven with a belt chain combo? I always order my ovens this way just in case. No pallet or carrier needed then. Can justify retro against the cost of the pallet or carrier. Two part epoxy instead of heat cure?

V-scoring design and equipment questions

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 10:12:33 EDT 2006 | Board House

Hi all, The majority of score machines used today have a top cutting wheel and bottom cutting wheel. This way they can score a line in one pass and saves on programming time, Panels are typically scored in one direction first and then the panel is r

Oop's Pb BGA's in a RoHS process?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 15:05:29 EDT 2006 | grantp

Hi, We ran some boards and the girl on the line put in some Pb BGA's instead of using RoHS parts. This should not have happened as we have almost no Pb parts left, and we spray painted Pb parts fluorescent pink so it was obvious. The boards seem t

and you think youve got it hard

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 23:29:23 EDT 2006 | KEN

Ah yes Mechanical Engineers. My previous company hired one Fresh out of College. Ink was still wet on his B.S. degree when he entered the shop. I passed by his desk. He had a CAD drawing on the monitor which he was feverously working on. It showe

MPM AP25 Print Repeatability Problem

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 30 10:04:39 EDT 2006 | daxman

I found this pot, and tried adjusting it. It was already turned to its maximum, and the histogram did not look good. I tried replacing the board lamp and this helped the histogram a lot, but I am not able to get the bars centered in the green. The

MPM AP25 Print Repeatability Problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 17 18:15:39 EDT 2006 | daxman

Hey all, I just though I give you all a quick update. I managed to get the printer working. The problems were a combination of everything that was discussed here. When I adjusted the GS4 pot for the histogram, I turned the wrong one at first. This t

Snap On EMI Shield ... anyone has experience?

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 08 12:00:11 EDT 2006 | grantp

Hi, Just a hint to help your posts. When posting a new thread, try and put something into the subject line that helps people know what the post is about. I think the subject is like a little advertisement for your post to encourage people to click o

Fixture Material

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 08 12:21:23 EST 2006 | SWAG

A little more detail on our application: It is a large fixture (approx. 15" x 18") that spans the chain fingers in the reflow. It has several cut-outs and reductions in thickness to allow for better heat distribution. It worked well/stayed flat fo

Yield on 0402 SMT Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 04 20:31:21 EST 2007 | Ben_T

Have you thought about an AOI system? With the system we have where I work, I'm able to run queries that'll tell me DPMO, yield, and pass/fail rates on a board level, part level, and opportunity level. Furthermore, this data can be broken down to see

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