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BGA Rework - flux dispensinx issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 04 04:00:38 EST 2008 | Martin

Hi All, Anybody knows good, repetable method of dispensing flux for micro BGA rework? 6x6 mm(0.5 mm pitch) The flux dispensing amount by brush may vary depending on operator etc. If operator dispense too much flux the BGA "swim".Around the BGA compon

Super low volume board wash. Will this work?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 11 19:14:17 EDT 2009 | binow

Is there any reason a dish washer would not work? Our volume for this is really low ~20 per month. Currently we use contact cleaner and a brush to clean the contacts on a few connectors. I was thinking about going the Ultrasonic route but wondered if

PCBA Cleaning rags

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 14:41:21 EDT 2010 | cbart

We are looking for lint free rags to clean our circuit boards with. We use these when processing no-clean flux the operators will use a de-fluxer apply it to a rag and use a brush along with the rag to pull the flux from the board. Does anyone have a

Nickel/Hard Gold thickness

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 24 11:31:20 EST 2012 | pauld

I need to be sure of the Nickel/Hard Gold thickness to be specified on our drawing. We use hard gold on a slip ring pcb that has brushes riding over the conductive surface, so soldering is not the issue. I read through the hard gold vs immersion gold

Fiducial Recognition

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 13 01:01:10 EDT 2012 | isd_jwendell

I clean all fids with a fiberglass brush pencil so that I know there will be no rejects (it doesn't take too long). The problem is the machine lighting. My Essemtec machine uses a light ring (red LEDs) around the cam. Here's one of many documents th

Flux Cleaner

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 21:37:53 EDT 2012 | kmots15

Warm De-Ionized Water and a brush? If they water soluble... Realistically, We need to know what flux your working with. Typically the manufacturer will recommend a cleaning methods on the TDS, easiest to stick with that. If they are high reliabili

Heller Oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 22:50:23 EDT 2012 | jeffr

Common problem. Start at the Encoder and measure the 5v square wave. Trace it back to the Frequency to Analogue converter, then to the controler. I assume that your conveyor is in good shape. i.e. With the motor disconnected, the chain should flow f

Paper Reballing Preforms

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 25 19:44:32 EDT 2013 | hegemon

IIRC - After completing the reflow, you'll need a soak in DI water for a few minutes (be patient), then peel with a tweezer, and finally use a soft brush to remove the extra bits. At least it used to work that way with the Winslow/Solderquik product.

ERSA Selective Solder questions

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 06 10:05:57 EDT 2013 | azhiker

OK guys, we got our Adipic acid. What is the preferred methode of applying it? a) Nozzle mounted, momentarily turn off wave and then brush? Or b)coat nozzle with the acid then mount it and turn wave on? By the way, we are using Indium flux WF-994

Removal of Remnant Coating or Flux from PCB

Electronics Forum | Fri May 17 13:33:45 EDT 2013 | bandjwet

How are you removing the remnant cured coating materials once you scrape. laser ablate or use walnut shells to blast coating material from a PCB? We are using a soft bristled brush or a vacuum source. What about liquids such as cleaning solutions o

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