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MPM Ultrapint series 2000

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 21:25:47 EDT 2006 | Chris

Try raising the table in Calibrate mode. Sensor or Tactile connector could be contacting the underside of the rails and overloading the axis. Check for 24V on the Z-axis brake. Check the fuse(F5) and voltage to the driver. Check DIP switch settin

QFP100 solderability

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 08:24:07 EDT 2008 | davef

Have you: * Checked the solderability of the component through a test such as Dip & Look? * Checked the solderability of the board by pasting and reflowing a bare board? * Checked the quality of the solder paste print prior to component placement? *

Autoprogram 5.31 Manual for Quad IIc

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 08 12:49:37 EDT 2008 | leemeyer

When in the fiducial teach screen check to see if the "Fiducial Data from Autoprogram" box is checked. If this program was not generated from Autoprogram this box should not be checked.


Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 01 12:20:47 EDT 2009 | fujiphil

Manually load the board and activate the solenoid for table up/down. Goto I/O then check the status of the sensor. if the sensor was tripped when table is down, removed the pin and check for foreign objects. Or check the hole of the pcb, maybe the si

Fuji CP642 Station 17 Help

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 11 21:10:27 EDT 2010 | fujiphil

First, check the sensors for 17th and 19th station....tune the sensor amplifier if necessary. Then, check the dogs on the nozzle holders... If the above, items are ok... check the 13th station clutch engagement. Calibrate if necessary... fujiphil

Mosfet checking

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 30 09:33:29 EST 2014 | rgduval

Power up the circuit, and see how it performs. Check voltages at the input and the output, and compare to a known good board. Otherwise, you can check resistance in an un-powered circuit. Compare the readings to a known good board. cheers, ..rob

Quad QSV-1

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 07:42:36 EDT 2015 | kevinb

Thanks for the info. We tried the reset button but no luck. The UPS is not powering up. We checked the incoming power and it was good. So we took the UPS out and took off the cover to check for blown fuses. We also checked the reset button and it

Panasonoc CM602-L Problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 22 04:52:41 EDT 2015 | nhel_0009

Its running normally before No abnormality before the errors Input and output check is good Ringload is good When we set bad beam af and ar, machine error is same..can't origin. Voltage not yet check. What part need to check the voltage sir?

Dek horizon 03 adding 2d vision?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 07 10:08:02 EST 2017 | markhoch

In most instances, it is cycle time prohibitive to use it to check the entire PCB. But you can use it to check critical areas. You can also set it up to check every 2nd, 3rd, 5th panel. (etc)

Component Drop on Second side of the reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 14 04:00:25 EDT 2017 | sankarseptember

We check the TDK data sheet reflow profile condition. We check the PCB surface temperature the max temperature is 237.Anyhow We will confirm it by check temperature on TDK point

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