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Re: Unwetting leads of Palladium Plated Pins

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 01 22:37:01 EST 1999 | Dave F

Hello! SMT professionals, I do not know if anyone posted this question before. Last week, I reflowed our newly designed thin Rigid-Flex pcb with 0.040" thickness. I found all of pins of a TQFP48 ic did not get wetted. I could see on the hee

Re: Flux Residue in Oven Vents

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 18 17:58:09 EST 1999 | marc p

I have a severe problem with flux residue being drawn up the vent ducts of my reflow oven. This residue reaches a critical mass then begins to flow down the ducts and becomes very messy. I run a no-clean process and use IR oven. Has anyone else o

BTU Paragon 150 Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 24 14:04:44 EDT 2006 | pjc

You did not tell us where your boards fit on the thermal mass range. That is key. I've run Pb Free low to medium thermal mass boards with good results on a 5 zone oven (5 top/5 bottom). You should not have a problem running a medium thermal mass boa

BGA opens

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 24 11:24:07 EST 2007 | ruggi

I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know, but a technique that's worked very well in the past for me is to methodically step through every part of the process and observe your boards being built, or take a scrap or simulated one a

Vacuum Bags

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 13:06:33 EDT 2007 | stepheniii Moisture Barrier Bag (MBB) The moisture barrier bag shall meet MIL-PRF-81705, TYPE I requirements for flexibility, ESD protection, mechanical strength, and puncture resistance. The bags shall be heat sealable. The Water Vapor Transmission Rat

Re: Perforated Tabs

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 20 14:19:04 EDT 2000 | Chrys Shea

Hi Mike, The Hadco design guidelines are really good - I was just there. To expand on what Dave said, scoring is an option, but I've never had good luck with it, myself. The scores are either too shallow, and I can't break the boards easily enough

Very thin laminate substrate problem with solder printing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 30 05:58:39 EST 2017 | rob

Hi all, > > Am new to SMT here. > > I have a very > thin laminate substrate which around 120um > thickess. Being that thin, warpage is constantly > an issue for us. > > For the solder printing part, > we have a number of problems. > > Being s

Re: SRT BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 18 22:20:41 EST 1998 | phillip hunter

I have developing a BGA Process and having problems with 310 IO PBGA reflowing. I am achieving good wetting exept 2 to 5 balls on the outer perimeter I have a good profile my air flow is set per mfg spec, the stange thing is that it doe

Re: SRT BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 20 20:40:22 EST 1998 | Miguel Mariscal

I would love to send a copy of my profile thanks, our machine is also a Summit 2000. I have developing a BGA Process and having problems with 310 IO PBGA reflowing. I am achieving good wetting exept 2 to 5 balls on the outer perimeter

Reflow Oven Exhaust Temperature

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 20 19:49:39 EDT 2020 | kylehunter

Hi all. We recently expanded our assembly space and moved our Heller 1500 oven to a new spot. In the old arrangement, we used a Purex filtration unit, keeping the hot air in our space. Recirculating the fumes caused a massive headache in cooling the

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