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Re: Universal GSM1 UPS Rev. 1.4

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 26 16:56:54 EDT 2000 | FlynHi

Why do you want to go to WARP? I hope someone did not suggest WARP was the answer to some problem. I don't think you will have any trouble upgrading to WARP.

Re: RTV Cure Questions

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 23 14:23:20 EDT 2000 | Brian W.

We used to cure RTV3145 in an oven at 180 F for 2-4 hours Hope this helps, Brian

Re: Fuji CP6 nozzle reflective disks

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 13 14:52:12 EDT 2000 | Jason

Dear Mr. Fields, SMT Parts, USA (San Jose, CA) supplies the light dispertion disk for the CP6 nozzles. Call Mr. David Lombard at 1-831-477-1518 Hope this helps. Jason Robotham Tekmart

Re: Question on Grounding Resistor

Electronics Forum | Wed May 24 11:07:24 EDT 2000 | Travis Slaughter

Use a low wattage resistor. It doesn�t take much to dissipate static electricity, but in a emergency hopefully the resistor could act like a fuse, burn up and go open before anyone gets zapped too bad.

Re: Cost effective double-sided SMT + thru-hole

Electronics Forum | Mon May 15 10:46:51 EDT 2000 | PhilB

You should also consider intrusive reflow (aka pin in hole relow� but be aware of the thermal possibilities of your through hole components and ask support from a stencil supplier that has done this before. Hope this helps, Phil

Re: Fibres / threads inside PTHs

Electronics Forum | Fri May 05 14:44:35 EDT 2000 | Kal Chakraborty.

Hi Ashok, Is there any rework process on those assembl./PWB ..if yes --what kind of tools are your operators using now ...brush? spudger? cloths (is it lint free?) ect. I hope you are not talking about nodules in the hole barrel. Regards Kc.

Re: CSP Rework

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 20 12:51:52 EDT 2000 | Robert Patrick

I read your query and reccommend that you take a look at using Infra-red heating technology. I just joined PDR systems and feel that the PDR Technology is appropriate for what you are trying to accomplish. Hope this helps !!

Re: IPC Component ID

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 29 16:18:47 EST 2000 | Michael Parker

Thank you Wolfgang. And now I would like to ask the rest of the world to help fill in the blanks. Anybody have more to add? Is there a cross-reference available to download, as Wolfgang has hoped?

Re: Gerber to Centroid Data

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 29 23:16:26 EST 2000 | cklau

Hello there; Please pls try & contact the graphicode company and ask for GC-place demonstration program Disk. Using this program U can generate the XY centroids using Centroids Data extraction command . Hope this help.

Re: SMT Feeder verification

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 10 14:44:22 EST 2000 | NickMata

Stuart, Pathway Sales Group 408) 779-0358 Hal Hendrickson Also SurPass Technologies Limited Declan Kennedy 353 91 773274 declan.kennedy@Surpass-tech.com Hope this helps

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