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Re: labeling systems

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 20 15:15:49 EDT 1998 | Wayne Bracy

We are looking at implimenting a bar code system for a SMT production line. To start we are looking at label printer/applicators. Are there any other companies that we should consider besides Zebra and Imtec?? Thanks for your input. John Joh

RFID devices in SMT

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 02 11:52:51 EDT 2002 | davef

We looked at RFID labels for finished assembly tacking. Most of the applications of RFID are used to prevent inventory shrinkage of expensive clothing. Although, increasingly companies are using RFID in security applications. The ISO 15693 standar

Inspection Marking after Conformal Coating????

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 04 10:42:45 EST 2008 | operator

We have a product that requires labeling and serial numbers that obviousely should be put on prior to conformal coating. 1.What kind of labels/ink/sharpe can be used under conformal coating without disolving etc...? We will be using Techspray 2103-1

High Temp Labels...

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 08 15:27:25 EDT 2009 | grics

I need a sanity check... What are people on the forum using for board labels in their lead free process? As most well know, polyester will not survive the heat of the Reflow at Pb Free temps. I am having trouble justifying the cost increase (appr

fixed barcode scanners

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 13 18:30:46 EST 2011 | IT23

Currently, we are using fixed barcode scanners that connect to Cogiscan PFC box. The scanners are mounted using a flexible arm. The flexible arm is hard to adjust so that the scanner will be on top of the label every time it hits the sensor. I'm look

Machine Washable Labels.

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 09:48:15 EDT 2014 | rgduval

We tried various products years ago to no avail. As you noted, labels either survived reflow or wash, but, rarely, both. We had one that was made out of kapton, and no more than .125" wide that survived more than the others...but, I don't recall an

SMT Inline Label Applicator

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 24 03:52:48 EDT 2016 | Alexei

Hi, Do you need to collect information on SMT line or after it? If you need to collect after than you can use special feeder to put labels. By the way, some SMT machines (such as ASM) is counting your panels and if you using label feeder than you ca

Online Label printing & placement

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 09 11:09:16 EDT 2016 | capse

Full disclosure; I represent ASYS in the southeastern US. Depending on PCB size and mark requirements you can get a laser marker for under $100,000. It can be set up as an island to mark batches of PCB prior to them going to the assembly line. ASYS a

Re: Automated Labeling -vs Direct Part Marking

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 19 09:12:33 EDT 1999 | John O'Brien

Why use labels? They are expensive, fall off, get mangled, etc. If you directly mark the boards, you'll probably save money, enhance traceability, etc. One major contract manufacturer projects payback at 7 months just eliminating label cost and goin

Re: Automated Labeling for SMT Assembly

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 29 10:45:29 EDT 1999 | JohnJ

Thanks Dave I'll look for Amistar. Are you connected to them somehow? JohnJ

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