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ICT and specifying PCBA testing

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 26 11:31:34 EDT 2010 | rway

I have been using ICT for a number of years. It is still a viable resource for catching defects in the production process. AOI doesn't catch everything, such as bridging on QFN or J-lead devices (this will depend on the type of AOI and camera syste

Printer and Reflow Oven Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Fri May 22 17:48:48 EDT 2015 | aemery

It's your first line, go with established manufacturers. Whether new or used it ultimately comes down to does the tool do the job and how well is it supported (labor/parts) if it does break down. I am a former field eng. with Speedline and now run

Lead Free and Leaded Process Mix

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 24 17:08:13 EDT 2005 | franciscoioc

Hi Everyone, I need everybodys help on this one. We are a company that suppose to be exempt from the Lead-Free world and we were happy untill we find out alot of the Components manufacturers will change their parts to Lead-Free but not their part nu

repeatabilty and measurement for quality

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 10 17:52:30 EDT 2001 | mparker

Are you doing actual measurements of the dummy parts placements? or are you just doing a visual go/no go check? If doing actual measurements, be sure to use mil inch units of measure rather than mm. Mil will give you more accurate readings. mm force

Programming for Pick & Place and AOI machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 26 10:39:23 EDT 2017 | dontfeedphils

TL;DR: I like internal part numbering systems for passive chips and the like, and keeping MPNs for active components (or components with many variants and/or options that could be easily confused as equivalents). I've always been a fan of internal

Heller Reflow Ovens and Tribol 1421 high temp chain oil

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 01 14:18:20 EST 2011 | markyen

We have Heller oven for over 8 years now and we use Heller industries Inc. Edge holder chain lube Part number: 680784 Overon F232-iso vg 220

Programming for Pick & Place and AOI machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 26 12:59:48 EDT 2017 | ks0707

Hi Phil, Thank you for your advice. Yes, the handling of part numbers looks the key. Have a good one. John

Picking and placing coils with a universal In-Line 7

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 08 16:43:04 EST 2019 | bane016

Try with "120F" type part number:48503503 or 1220 1240...reduce pick up speed...

Re: Moisture Sensitivity and Package Cracking

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 01 10:06:51 EST 1999 | Chris Fontaine

All of our moisture sensitive components are shipped to us in vacuum sealed, desiccated bags with a moisture indicator. When the parts are removed from the bag (this is done at either SMT setup, or in the stockroom) the indicator is checked. If it

DIP insertion and Axial insertion old equipment poka yoke

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 31 13:45:49 EST 2020 | slthomas

We had a custom bar code storage and feeder setup. Stores material handlers would bring the parts to the line, scan the part number on the kanban card (always accompanied the parts), and the storage location LED flashed so they knew where the place

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