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MPM Accuflex, Lost Vision

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 17 23:29:37 EDT 2015 | aemery

DeanO, Glad you found your issue. Depending on which Speedline FSE installed your Accuflex originally, a copy of the manuals might have been copied on to the desktop or possibly in a Windows explorer folder. The operations manuals, IPB and schemat

mpm up2000 backdoor?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 10:22:28 EDT 2006 | PWH

I've done this stuff on UP3000's and AP's so hopefully my advice will help with your 2000... You can get into all upper level user modes, correct? You don't mention test, cal. or field service mode. If you can't get into those, I can send you a pr


Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 11 17:07:47 EDT 2005 | pjc

First off, your Hollis pot cannot withstand a SAC305 no-Pb alloy. Could corrode in as little as three months of continuous use. To "de-lead" you drain the pot, clean as much manually then flush with Sn. The wave user or your solder supplier typical

Unknown machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 16 16:37:31 EDT 2005 | Randy

HI! Does anybody know driller/miller called > "Direct Imaging System II"? I have one, but its > not working properly. I think that there is some > corruption in software. All kinds of information > about this machine is welcome: manuals, software

SMTassembly training videos or books

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 28 15:01:07 EST 2006 | gipos

Hi all, It is obvious that people starting with SMT assembly can not easily get training courses. User manuals are not suficient.Small companies buying used SMT machines are very interested in training books and videos. Is there any source of decent

Are COMTRA belt feeders still available?`

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 25 16:36:44 EST 2006 | Frank

Comtra doesn't usually sell directly to the end user. Try consulting your machine manufacturer. On the mechanical belt feeders there are no adjustment. On the electrical feeders there is a turn switch to select the feeding travel of the belt. T

CSM84 Ball Screw Lubrication

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 16 22:02:01 EDT 2009 | tpappano

The manual says (paraphrasing) "If the ball screw needs lubrication, lubricate the ball screw". Not very helpful 8-) The various linear guides all have grease fittings, but I can not find any for the ball screws. Any advice from CSM84 users woul

Dynapace Wave Exit Conveyor

Electronics Forum | Tue May 25 17:29:10 EDT 2010 | wendyjacobs

I need help. I recently purchased a used Dynapace Wave Exit Conveyor, model # C17697, at auction. The conveyor arrived with no user manual. I need a password to program it and Dynapace is no longer in business. Does anyone know or can suggest a d

Tenryu MT-5720VM users?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 02:33:49 EST 2010 | tagge

Got it starting at least.. it was the PCB stopper valve that needed some oil. Now Im stuck on trying to program, it complains about nozzles. It seems that it dosnt recognize it or its not initilazed right. I also cant get it to pick up a nozzle with

GSM machine stops responding to VME during production, CLOCK01.SYS failed to install

Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 20:22:02 EDT 2016 | ttheis

I found this in the Force SYS68K CPU-30 manual: ------------ "BM" LED If the CPU board is the current VMEbus master, the green BM LED is lit. This provides the user with a convenient visual indication of the status of the VMEbus. ------------ So th

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