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Wave solder: Vitronics-Soltec vs. Electrovert

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 07 10:40:27 EST 2006 | johnw

Hi guys as an alternative I would check put the Nousstar leadfree wave this machine is being well recieved in Europe

Wave solder: Vitronics-Soltec vs. Electrovert

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 13 04:55:32 EST 2006 | Rob

Hi John, It's a good machine for it's price as long as it passes the longevity test, & yes Altus are a very good sales & service company, but it's not the answer to world hunger. What machines did you replace with this, and what did you trial it

8 Zone Vs 7 Zone Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 12:09:04 EST 2004 | rlackey

Contax are not always the most responsive of companies in the UK. Besides, you get a lot more for your money with BTU Pyramax's or Vitronics Soltec and very good service.

Oven for lead free...???

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 15:17:43 EDT 2004 | russ

I would look at Vitronics-Soltec such as the XPM 820 or even the 520. BTU also makes very nice ovens. The Hellers I used to use went through blowers every 6 mos. and both of them came it defective. You must have got lucky or I got unlucky. Russ

Wave soldering equipment??

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 04:32:56 EST 2004 | chad

I'm currently using Electrovert Vectra's right now. They do really well. I was actually in New Hampshire last month looking at Vitronics Soltec's newest wave soldering machine too. I think they would be worth a look as well. Good Luck!

Soltec Deltawave

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 16 17:34:20 EST 2005 | pmd

decrease pump rpm, for penitration try tweeking pitch as well as belt speed. On the delta wave spray pitch and belt speed are related.

PCB intake speed on a Soltec oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 13 13:00:12 EST 2005 | chunks

Depends on the model, year and rev software you have. You can also move the SMEMA sensor into the oven a bit more too.

PCB intake speed on a Soltec oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 13 13:01:24 EST 2005 | bobpan

We use a conveyor before our oven and put a footswitch on it to send the next board or jump the pins so that it just sends the board depending on delay needed.

PCB intake speed on a Soltec oven

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 17 08:25:13 EST 2005 | grantp

Hi, Yes, I was talking about the oven, but then thinking about Soltec in general and about things the software really should be able to do, got me worked up on the Deltawave. I guess the frustration with it's software is not far from the surface.

PCB intake speed on a Soltec oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 22 07:43:35 EST 2005 | grantp

Hi, That's true, and the plant just does not look high tech without that PC on the front of the wave. I should donate the wasted processor cycles to the SETI screen saver if it's still going on. Regards, Grant

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