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Universal Instruments Radial Inserter

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 24 11:28:35 EDT 2007 | vikkaraja

I have to agree with Fastek on the issue of having someone with enough experience or with proper training. Having knowledge and being flexible about tweaking the machine to make it work thats all you really need. We used to call it black magic. I use

Universal Instruments Radial Inserter

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 27 15:08:07 EDT 2007 | jeffharley

If you have'nt had the pleasure of working on these machines, plan on spending a few weeks in Binghamton to get the basics, this will just get you started. I've worked on these machines for more than 20 years and am presently training two of my guys

Universal Instruments Radial Inserter

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 31 08:29:11 EDT 2007 | stepheniii

If you can, put a pressure tank near the machine. It will help stabalize the air pressure, but only if the compressor is providing enough air in the first place. Throughhole PNP machines tend to take air in big gulps making the pressure go up and dow

Universal Instruments Radial Inserter

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 12:11:56 EDT 2007 | gmoritz

Any experience with the encoders and ball screws that drive the stage? We are seeing a pretty large y-drift from the 'top' to the 'bottom' of the board during x-travel. I've tried to measure this using the teach function and the x-drift from the sm

Universal Instruments Radial Inserter

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 13 14:11:14 EDT 2007 | jeffharley

Slot 11 in the I/O box is the one for B.E.C. pcb, the offset is 2125 in the x and 500 in the y axis. The template for the B.E.C. is triangle in shape and is the length from corner to corner on the rotary table. You can also type in sh sys and look to

UIC going down?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 03 22:25:46 EST 2009 | fastek

Circuitnet has learned that Universal Instruments is once again under new management. It appears that Francisco Partners has sold the company to Patriarch Partners LLC, a private equity investment firm managed by Lynn Tilton who is the Founder and C

Universal Instruments Lightning Head

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 27 18:50:59 EDT 2011 | swag

We have 2 Lightning machines (30 spindle). They have been great. Only a couple minor issues in the 3 years we've had them. No troubles with feeders, either. The "Golds" work great and we have had a 3 or 4 with troubles but that is out of 200+ fee

Universal Instruments Lightning Head

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 12:23:01 EDT 2011 | kahrpr

Same time period went though numerous software up grades. however it look as if they improved things a lot.Next show I think in Chicago. I will have to pay them a visit. I do not want to give them any negative press that's not justified. All the manu

Universal Instruments Lightning Head

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 13:32:35 EDT 2011 | jax

I started with Dual Beam, 7 spindle, Genesis machines. (first in 2003) - Still runs good Speed was not my main concern... Odd Form, Tall components were. I added High Speed with the Lightning Head machines. (first in 2005) - Still runs Good I am not

Need opinions on equipment for picking and placing truly odd types of components

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 15 10:55:22 EDT 2013 | capse

You should take a look at Universal Instrument. http://www.uic.com You can search odd form component placement for a list of relevant web pages. UIC has several solutions for your application. FYI, I represent UIC in the southeastern USA. So, I'm bi

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