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Odd Form Component Placement

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 05 16:09:08 EST 2003 | Amol Kane

Hi, I am a Graduate student in SUNY Binghamton. I am currently working on an Odd Form Component Placement Machine Manufactured by Universal Instruments Name of the Machine is Vari-Cell II Flexible Assembly Workcell Model number 6515A This Machine ha

Re: Universal GSM & paste-in-hole

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 06 13:18:43 EST 2003 | Vince Cook

Mr. Fuller, I came across your inquiry while doing some light lunchtime reading. I work for Universal in the group that creates nozzles/grippers. We evaluate applications involving a wide vareity of components, connectors, etc. I'm not a salesman


Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 20:13:49 EST 2001 | davef

Omega Engineering 800.826.6342 http://www.omega.com Dais Instruments, 470 Mount Hope Dr Baltimore, MD 21215 800.268.0857 fax 800.433.9971 Thermo Sensors 972-494-1566 Terra Universal Anaheim CA http://www.terrauni.com Saunders Technology [Temprobes]

Are US OEM Manufacturers Dead?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 28 08:55:25 EDT 2002 | pjc

Rick, Here is a piece written in, I belivee the April issue SMT Magazine: Binghamton, N.Y. Sanyo High Technology and Universal Instruments Corp. have renewed an agreement whereby Sanyo will continue to provide the HSP line of chipshooters sold und

Universal Instruments or Mirae

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 13:26:02 EDT 2017 | dleeper

In my past life, I worked at a CM that used Mirae "Meridian" machines Universal Instruments "Genesis" machines. The universal instruments machines were much, much faster. What sort of head configuration did your Advantis machines have? The 30 spindl

Universal Instruments Lightning Head

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 14:40:12 EDT 2011 | wrongway

Hello All We are currently running 3 universal smt machines one is an advantis lighting head all 3 machines are 2007 we run 2 shifts 5 days a week I have had very little trouble with them or the feeders. we have 2 universal through hole machines one

SMT Nozzles catalog

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 07 18:16:27 EST 2022 | skolev

Hi everyone. I have little problem finding the right SMT nozzle for my new custom machine . For manipulating custom component with dimensions close to passive element 0402 . Now in machine i've put a siemens SMT Nozzle . But there are some problems

Re: who makes the best conveyor??

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 09:24:15 EDT 2000 | obrienk

I've been impressed with Universal Instruments in Binghamton, NY. We've been working on a possible SMT line with them because they do everything from soup to nuts. The quality/service so far has been great (and to Dave F's comment, I believe they've

Re: who makes the best conveyor??

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 21:56:41 EDT 2000 | Thomas Ravener

There are many available: Simplimatic Process Control Technology (PCT) JOT PMJ Bosch Dynapace Nutek Applied Conveyor Engineering (ACE) A wholly owned division of Universal Instruments and made for UIC integration of their products. This is just but

Re: DIP Insertion

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 02 10:36:09 EST 1998 | Jimmy Strain

| I am looking for suppliers of through-hole DIP insertion. It's been a long while since I've looked for through-hole equipment and am not aware of who manufactures DIP insertion equipment. If you know of some suppliers, I would appreciate some inp

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