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UV Curing Conveyor

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UV Curing Conveyor | 22 September, 2008

Hello, I�m needing to purchase a UV curing conveyor, but I just know this kind of system provided from DYMAX. Can anybody tell me more brands which I can contact??? Thank you!

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UV Curing Conveyor | 22 September, 2008

Most of the BIG suppliers of uV materials also offer ovens.

Equipment, Assembly, Adhesive, Curing System, uV 1 Integrated Dispensing Solutions, 5311 Derry Ave Building D, Agoura Hills CA 91301; 818-597-4300 F818-597-4301

2 DYMAX; 318 Industrial Ln, Torrington, CT 06790; 860-482-1010 | F860-496-0608

3 UVEXS; 1260 Birchwood Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2205; 800-852-2911 408-734-4402 F408-734-4502

4 Loctite� benchtop curing conveyors - 860-571-5174⊂CategoryId=353

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UV Curing Conveyor | 22 September, 2008

Another is Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) Have Benchtop to full higher production inline units

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UV Curing Conveyor | 23 September, 2008

Also be sure you know your material, as UV wave length will play a factor in your curing.

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UV Curing Conveyor | 29 September, 2008

PROMATION builds edge carry style UV systems, integrating DYMAX, FUSION and other technologies. (262) 857-3100 x 111 or

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UV Curing Conveyor | 2 October, 2008

I have one brand new UV oven and 2 used ones. We used to cure Dymax conformal coating in this plant. We are selling those ovens.

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