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Solder paste measurement

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Solder paste measurement | 8 October, 2008

Hello, Pls, I�m looking for machines to measure solder paste height - OFF LINE, and I just know the MALCOM and OGP brands. Does anybody know other brands to inform me ?

Thank you!

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Solder paste measurement | 9 October, 2008

depending on your needs and budget you can look at : cyberoptics koh young vision master

or some simple stuff like SPIDA from Metronelec

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Solder paste measurement | 9 October, 2008

You need an automated machine? We use the manual Hi-Check 500

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Solder paste measurement | 9 October, 2008

Check the Parmi range. I have looked at a Parmi SPI 2500 and seems a good machine. Able to store on a PC under product and creat SPC. Steve.

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Solder paste measurement | 9 October, 2008

Look at the Koh Young KY-3020T system. Offline paste measurement with best in class accuracy and repeatability.

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Solder paste measurement | 10 October, 2008

Please visit to view all the products offered by ASC International. The LaserVision SP3D is the most economical SPI system in the world offered at a base price of only $14,995. The VisionMaster series of products offer the highest level of measurement capabilities in the bench top market and provide similar technology and Gage R&R results as the high speed, very expensive inline SPI machines. If budget is tight, ASC also offers pre-owned ASC International and CyberOptics SPI systems.

Yes, I do represent ASC so the information may sound more of a sales pitch, but put us side by side with any other bench top SPI machine and see the difference for yourself. We offer the widest range of products in the world and seek to solve your SPI requirements with the most cost effective solution.

Thank you.

Steve Arneson

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