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AOI, Questions that never die !

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AOI, Questions that never die ! | 22 October, 2008

I had some trials with AOI machines, most I saw Yestech and Saki desktop machines. For the software interface I much prefer Yestech which is very easy to use. But honestly for faults foundings and flexibility Saki is much better, the only thing is that Saki has an horrible user interface, report and SPC. Someone who has hade Saki experience? Many thanks !

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AOI, Questions that never die ! | 26 October, 2008

Hello INGE FI,

I know what you are going through. A few years back, I was faced with having to purchase AOI equipment for my business. My selection team and I looked at several different AOI manufacturers. We found that only two AOI vendors were suitable for a low to medium volume production environment (simple programming!) and fit our budgetary requirements. These two vendors were YESTech and MIRTEC. I have two friends in the industry who looked at the Saki system but had the same reservations as you regarding the software interface. Therefore, my team and I did not even consider this system.

We had an opportunity to work with both the YESTech and MIRTEC machines on our production floor. We found that the programming was very similar between the two machines. Personally I thought that the MIRTEC software was more comprehensive. But the main reason why we selected MIRTEC was the fact that the machine consistently provided better defect coverage than the competitive system, especially with regard to solder inspection. We also ran a very simple Gage R&R test on the two systems. The MIRTEC machine easily won.

Although I was less concerned with throughput, the MIRTEC machine was about two and a half times faster with about 20% less false calls. This did help with my ROI, but as I mentioned before, defect coverage was the real concern. That is the reason why I wanted AOI in the first place!

Since then I have purchased two additional MIRTEC machines including a new MV7 in line machine. I decided to go with the Intelli-Scan laser option on this machine. This is a secondary laser inspection system that allows you to test for coplanarity of leaded and non-leaded devices using laser height measurement.

Do yourself a favor, check out MIRTEC. In my opinion this is the best investment that I have ever made.

Best of luck with your AOI project...


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AOI, Questions that never die ! | 26 October, 2008

Hi Tony_D, thanks a lot for your answer! Yes I'd want to follow your advice, but Here in Italy I really don't find a Mirtec distributor yet. Also for me the defect coverage is a basic feature for the AOI and also in my company we have low volume high mix! But with my budget and all the sistem I saw, I'm still with Saki (also if it has an orrible interface); I was very disappointed about Yestech, maybe becouse of the person who took the Demo, he doesn't know very well the system I think. I hope to find some Mirtec Italian distributor. Thanks again for your help, bye!

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AOI, Questions that never die ! | 28 October, 2008




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AOI, Questions that never die ! | 28 October, 2008

why don't you try viscom, we had been using it for years and i would say its better than any other aoi that we have evaluated.

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