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ProSmt+ Fuji controller

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ProSmt+ Fuji controller | 13 March, 2009

Hi, does anyone have experience with this software? Pros cons Vs. F4G or MCS. Any input would be appreciated.

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ProSmt+ Fuji controller | 16 March, 2009

Hi Pete,

For the price the ProSmt+ is good. I do not have much experience with F4G but do with MCS. It very easy to use with a few exceptions.

The PD editor on ProSMT+ is buggy. If you copy a PD edit it and save it under a new name it's lnked somehow to the original PD so your changes do not always take.

They do not have an optimizer for IP-II and IP-III. They have been saying it's almost ready for 3 years. If you edit a program and resend it to the machine it does not take the change you have to repeat the transmission.


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ProSmt+ Fuji controller | 17 March, 2009

I have not played with ProSMT software but I have used both MCS and F4G. MCS was good for its time, 15-20 years ago, but F4G is much better and easier to use. The windows interface works well and F4G and has optimizers for Cp, IP, QP machines. F4G was replaced by FujiScam and now by Flexa. Contact me if you need more info.

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ProSmt+ Fuji controller | 30 March, 2009

Hi Jerry,

If you want to make upgrade, pls. visit website and download new upgrade to your ProSmt+ software, or better and easier let me know, than we prapare new set for you (free of charge). There is no bugs and lot of new functions in the latest version.


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