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IP3 placement for BGA / MicroBGA

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IP3 placement for BGA / MicroBGA | 17 March, 2009

We have the IC placer Fuji-IP3 machine.Can this machine be able to place MicroBGA / BGA with good vision system.My card has almost 8 BGA with 4 MicroBGA?Still now i had placed 1 or 2 BGA(Placement by body centering).In this machine the Y- table keeps moving that may be concern for component shift during movement.My worry is that i have almost 6000 cards of this type to be done with this machine.Does the above issue affects the yield rate?Pls. throw some light. Thanx to all your sincere posts in Advance.

Cheers, Nagesh

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IP3 placement for BGA / MicroBGA | 17 March, 2009

We have never been able to get our IP3 to place BGA's consistently. We installed new bulbs,ran glass plate calibration,played with scan speeds, scan area etc. etc....

I would not recommend this machine for BGA's

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IP3 placement for BGA / MicroBGA | 17 March, 2009


Now it was a couple of years since I did this but it's possible. I have been down to 0.5 mm pitch.

If you have a vision system with vision type 230 I would suggest that you use that. One other trick is to only specify 50 % of the ball diameter. This is what the camera see when the light comes from basically the same angel as the camera. But maybe you have the latest vision upgrade for the IP3 better suited for BGA?

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IP3 placement for BGA / MicroBGA | 17 March, 2009

For the IP3 to reliably place BGAs the machine needs the 4800 vision card and type 12 camera. From the problems i see here you must have the 4400 card and a type 8 or 9 camera. It would also seem that a calibration is in order. I have calibrated and ran BGAs for many of my customers. What Firmware, cameras and vision card do you have?

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IP3 placement for BGA / MicroBGA | 18 March, 2009

You can calibrate it until you are purple in the face. Job to job and part to part they are just not consistent.They either fail parts or put them on skewed.

I have gone back and fourth on this for(10+) years. We have had Fuji look at it and we have had after market Fuji service companies look at it. Both claimed that they could make it work but neither were ever successful in making it a consistent process.

B.T.W. we have the latest firmware and we have a 4800 vis card with a type 12.

Whilst I write this my Juki just brought me a cup of coffee and let me know everything is gonna be OK.

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