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Wave solder: Debridging tool

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Wave solder: Debridging tool | 5 May, 2009

Hi all,

Just wondering if somebody is using the debridging tool (Vitronics) on the wave solder machine succesfully with SN100C. After testing for a while, my conclusion is to not even try....does not work...but maybe I am wrong?

Thanks for your feedback,


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Wave solder: Debridging tool | 5 May, 2009

We use our SelectX daily and it works just fine. Do you have the parameters set correctly? Temp, speed, flow, etc.?

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Wave solder: Debridging tool | 7 May, 2009

Our Select X is collecting dust on a shelf ... wish I had a standard air knife.

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Wave solder: Debridging tool | 13 May, 2009

We use SAC387 (or 96SC) and I found that the SelectX was only marginally effective and that other factors (varying the wave height mainly - we use pallets) affected bridging more. Also, because we run different products at the same time through the machine using barcodes to change the program, the SelectX had to remain on at all times (else wait for 1/2 hour for SelectX to heat up when needed). With the SelectX remaining on all the time, it was burning out the heating element every 4-6 months and at a cost of around �400 it was too damned expensive to run.

As I said though, it was marginally effective once the parameters were set right, I found:- The temperature needed to be around 450 deg C, despite a paper from VS saying otherwise. 450 being to near the maximum of 500 for my liking, hence burning out the elements. The head needed to be as close to the board as possible, so watch those lead lengths! The air flow had to be set just right - too little and it did absolutely nothing, too much and it blows 'snail trails' and solderballs around the board - turn it up some mors and it will blow the solder (and even components) onto the topside of the board.

Our SelectX is not used and I cant see it being for a long while.

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Wave solder: Debridging tool | 13 May, 2009


You say your SelectX is working fine, I'm curious, what settings do you use?

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Wave solder: Debridging tool | 22 May, 2009

Electrovert's studies for Hot Air de-bridging Knife (HAK) for Pb Free alloys have shown it to be ineffective. When its hot enough to do the job, you're damaging the board, cooling it down to prevent damage is not hot enough to de-bridge properly. Ya hate to loose such a great tool.

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