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Spray Fluxer Problem

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Spray Fluxer Problem | 6 May, 2009

Hi all,

I understand that this forum is more to surface mount discussion. But I am eager in sorting out the spray fluxer problem. Please provide me with any ideas that you think might cause it.

I have a problem in starting up/initialising the wave machine due to an error stating "spray fluxer 1 mistake". It has been some time since we last used the machine, I doubt is this what causing the fault? I've turned the machine main supply on and off again and check the display in the control unit and it shown:

Active Alarms: Exhaust time A Exhaust missing Safety Missing R

Besides, I have checked the pressures and all seems reasonable with actuating air in 3.5 bars, spray air in 1bar, blow air in 2bar and control air in 4 bars. Pneumatic pressure pipe is working fine as well.

I reckon it might be a missing in exhaust air but I am not 100% sure as the air exhaust on other machine is working fine. The machine dint even tries to initialize the spray fluxer at all and the alarm comes out straight away when I switch the machine on.

The machine is a lead-free ERSA EWS 500F wave solder machine.

Does anyone know about the possible reason for it and could kindly advise?

Many thanks.


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Spray Fluxer Problem | 7 May, 2009


I recommend you to check the exhaust sensor, the ERSA EWS500F is sensing the exhaust before it activates the fluxer. If the exhaust is not working then machine does not start to avoid the sprayed flux emit to the work environment. There is a sensor fixed at the point where you have fixed the exhaust tube of the machine. I suggest to follow as given below..., 1) Check if the exhaust is working in the main exhaust line 2) Check if the sensor is not covered with flux, if yes clean and try 3) Check if the sensor is working properly 4) If you look at the sensor properly you will find a way to make the logic 1 manually and test the machine even if the sensor is defective.

Good luck.... Milroy

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Spray Fluxer Problem | 7 May, 2009

Thanks Milroy!!Just want to make sure I got the correct position for the sensor. Is the sensor fixed at the exhaust tube looks like a metal pipe and plastic tube that connects to the top of the machine? So do you mean I need to clean this metal pipe? Besides, do you mind to tell me more about how to test the machine even if the sensor is defective?

I am so sorry about this but because I am really new to this machine and hopefully I can learn more from experts here.

Many thanks! xinxi

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