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0201 Rework

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0201 Rework | 24 August, 2009

We're just now getting into 0201s and I'm wondering how people are doing rework. Is hand soldering still viable or is some type of semi-automated repair station needed?

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0201 Rework | 24 August, 2009

In reworking 0201, we: * Cut the 0201 in half with a side cutter * Heat the solder on each pad separately and flick the half 0201 off the board * Preheat a new component to +150°C with a hot plate * Solder a new 0201 on the undressed pads with a hot air pencil

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0201 Rework | 26 August, 2009

Are there solering iron tips for that size component? The C shape end ones. That might be even easier than cutting them first.

I would think hand repair is going to be better than a semi-automated repair station for a while.

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0201 Rework | 15 September, 2009

We use precision tweezers to rework 0402 (OKI MFR-PTZ) not tried with 0201, but it may be a solution. The tweezers themselves have the heating element built in.

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