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Feeder maintenance program

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Feeder maintenance program | 13 November, 2009

Hi All, I am implementing a proper feeder maintenance program for my HSP chipshooter feeders. I have the calibration jig.

I am developing a procedure with the following general steps: 1. Cleaning 2. Visual Inspection / Repair 3. Calibration / Testing

What do you do for overall cleaning? I am tempted to go as far as run each feeder head through a non-corrosive ultrasonic cleaning cycle. Then lubricate general areas with dry-film lubricant, and pivot points with grease.

If anyone has insight on how they perform maintenance I would appreciate it.

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Feeder maintenance program | 13 November, 2009

Normaly we clean using tooth brush with anti grease agent. Most of the time we found the eccentric pins got worn out during HSP feeder maintenance

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Feeder maintenance program | 17 November, 2009

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