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"cut tape" tray

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"cut tape" tray | 16 November, 2009

I have seen one made by Nix, but it is not quite what I want. I'm imagining a simple slab of plastic with multiple 8mm wide milled/molded dovetailed slots so that as many strips as possible may be mounted within the width of a standard component tray. Anyone know of such a critter? I could have them made but buying would be so much easier.

Thanks, Tom

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| 17 November, 2009

Standard component tray for what Pick and Place machine. I know of different ones made for different machines but each machine has different feeders and handles it a little bit differently.

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| 17 November, 2009

I have a CSM84VZ, so I was thinking of a device that could be placed on it's "manual tray feeder" instead of one of the 9" wide plastic matrix trays that TQFPs, etc. are supplied in. The machine would be programmed to pick parts from several single-row "virtual" trays.

Thanks! Tom

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