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Dross removal

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Dross removal | 8 March, 2006

Several weeks ago, there were some postings about a new product for reducing dross in the wave solder pot. It was, I think, a liquid. Both for Tin/Lead and lead free solder. Anyone remember who this vendor is?

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Cal Kolokoy


Dross removal | 8 March, 2006

The vendor is PK Metals. Their product is called molten solder surfactant.

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Dross removal | 2 May, 2006

Hi Anyone has used Kera-clean Dross Ex to clean the dip soldering nozzle before?

This product is from, GmbH, Germany, and has been quite effective in removing the dross residue on the nozzle.

Tell me is there a similiar product in the US?

rdg george

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Dross removal | 11 May, 2006

The MS2 Molten SOlder Surfactant web site is The product is not commercially available.

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Dross removal | 26 October, 2006


Ing. Octavio Raygoza PKay Metal sales manager tel. 011 52 (619) 666-5795

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Dross removal | 27 October, 2006

I use adipic acid to clean our Ersa selective solder machine nozzles. Makes a huge difference and is quick and easy.

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Inline Cleaning Machine Hydro-clean Array

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