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Siemens S15/F3 skipping component

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Siemens S15/F3 skipping component | 11 April, 2006

We have a Siemens S15 and an F3, which we have only had now for about 4 months. We have an old line of HS180s and an SP120 and have found that the S15 and F3 do not have the option to skip a part if one runs out during placement. We from time to time will run into a shortage and cannot refill a feeder as we may no longer have any of that component left in our stock, this is usually do to a miscount on inventory or a late shipment from a vendor. On the old line we can skip that part and finish placing all of the other parts on the board. The S15 and F3 as I see it has no option to skip a part and continue placing all other parts. I have been told that you can disable a gantry and place all the other parts that are on the opposite side but this is not much better than aborting the job as we have to do now. I can't believe that Siemens would have transgressed in their machines capabilities as they redesigned them or that someone hasn't figured out a fix for this problem. Does anyone have a solution on how to skip a part during a run so the rest of the parts can be placed with these machines?



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Siemens S15/F3 skipping component | 11 April, 2006

Hi Shawn- If I can remeber....from my Siemens Days on the S15 or F Series Once you send the program over to the machine from the line computer...You can not skip. Remember, these machines in theory are not ment to stop running (i.e. Thus the feeder splicing concept). You can however skip components at the Line Computer in the placement program prior to sending to the machine. You can always stop the job and resend the program with the skipped parts.

Sorry if this info is not helpful.

Enjoy, Cal Agilent Technologies

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Siemens S15/F3 skipping component | 11 April, 2006

(Hey Cal how you doing?) I can't resist this. You can sort of do what you're hoping for but you have to be very careful. Let the component run out and let the machine get as far as it's going to go. Then go to "Software Options", "Test commands" then Select the option (something like)"Switch OFF placement at MC1" or"... MC2" depending on which gantry you need to dry cycle. Then you let the machine dry cycle to the end. If you make use of the placement order (level) feature then you may need to put it in cycle mode too and watch until all the "omitted" parts are dry cycled. Then you have to go back and "Switch ON placement at MC1".

You can't believe that Siemens would take a retrograde step?! You have a lot to learn. Their newer machnes have an omit function that works pretty well.

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Siemens S15/F3 skipping component | 13 April, 2006

Hi Brian- All is well on my end. I have not been to SMTNET in a long while but pop in from time to time. Working here at Agilent gives me more of an opportunity to check in.

How are things on your end? Where are you working these days?


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