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Point to Ground Measurement

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Point to Ground Measurement | 20 April, 2006

All, Does anyone sell a safe and effective way to connect a DMM to building ground via a power outlet? Personally, I'm comfortable using a banana plug, but the people that are going to be performing this task may vary in electrical understanding, and might get a wake up call that could dip me in hot water.

I would modify a power cord, but I can't homemake this one due to the safety factor. Our points are connected to the screws that connect to the conduit, but I would rather check directly to ground instead of to a screw that may or may not have a solid connection to ground.

and "no", we don't have exposed conduit.

-Other Russ

PS: I would especially like to hear what WaveMaster Larry has to say about this.

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Point to Ground Measurement | 20 April, 2006

The simple way should be to wire the ground according to your National Safety Standards.


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Point to Ground Measurement | 26 April, 2006

In England all domestic sockets are 3 pin, with an earth. You can quite easily buy a device that plugs into the socket and has 3 press studs on the back that connect to the earth. These are usually made for connecting ESD straps to. I know RS sell them but dont know if they do a forign version.Think it would do exactly what your asking.

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