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240v - 110v

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240v - 110v | 21 April, 2006

I bought an ultrasonic cleaner from the states and thought it would run with the usual travel adapter. So, I have obviously run 240v through a 110v unit. Something inside went pop and it hasnt worked since. Does anyone know which component on the circuitry may be the likely one to blow. Thanks Steve

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240v - 110v | 28 April, 2006

Check the resistors on the circuit board. It is also very likely that you have blown the crystals in the transducers. How big is the unit? What is the frequency of the unit(transducers). These can be tricky to troubleshoot, but replacement transducers are easy enough to find.

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240v - 110v | 2 May, 2006

Internal fuse or fusible resistor on the power supply?

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