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Gold to gold soldering

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Gold to gold soldering | 12 June, 2006

We are placing a gold plated device (LCC) to a NiAu PCB using a SnPb No-clean solder. We're noticing quite a bit of difficulty with reliable joints (intermittent connectivity) and if we have to rework a particular device, adjacent devices of this same type result in collateral damage from a connection standpoint. We started drag soldering the device to effectively tin the leads of the device and that seems to help a bit. We have noticed that when we revert back to a OA paste, our yields are significantly better (nearly 100% and if we have fallout, the rework process is just as good). Could the more aggressive flux in the OA chemistry be overcoming a potential for too much gold? We're currently calculating %wtAu to check for potential embrittlement - does this experience sound familiar?

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Gold to gold soldering | 13 June, 2006

The solder alloy does not change based on the flux. Your potential for embrittlement is the same [providing the metal of the solders are the same] with either solder.

We would guess the OA flux is [and drag tinning are] removing corrosion from the LCC that the low residue flux can not remove.

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