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cem audit check-list

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cem audit check-list | 29 June, 2006


Can anyone provide a check-list to evaluate the capability of a subcontractor for assembling boards?

I mean a list of items to check like number of SMT production lines, kind of machines (screen-printer, pick-and-place, oven, AOI, etc.), throughput in cph, and the like.

Thank you Olas

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cem audit check-list | 29 June, 2006

Just because someone has great equipment doesn't mean they are any good at assembling quality boards.

By all means check out their current capacity & contingency plans, but also assess their competance levels & output quality.

Set a cunning trap for DaveF and/or Chunks and take them with you.

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cem audit check-list | 29 June, 2006

"cunning trap"? Did someone say roadtrip and beer? [Sorry Chunks, I go cheap.]

A simpler, less expensive, and less painful solution is: *

* Knowledge * Technical Resources * IPC Free Documents Available For Download * IPC-1720A - Assembly Qualification Profile

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cem audit check-list | 29 June, 2006

I agree Rob, I saw QA certified companies with best in class equipment behaving more poorly than others.

Thank you for your valuable help DaveF, that document is what I needed.

Have a good day, Olas

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cem audit check-list | 29 June, 2006

Verify that the CEMs machines and processes are capable of assembling the technology of your boards- smallest components, largest components, finest pitch, flex circuits, etc�

Are their core competences aligned with your requirements- assembly only, turnkey w/ or w/o design, final assembly- box build, field repairs/upgrades, etc�

Do they have process control- look to see if they have any process control instruments (solder process control instruments, solderpaste measurement, AOI, X-ray, ICT, etc�) and written procedures and seek to verify they are being followed.

Verify that equipment has a maintenance schedule and that it is carried out. Also look for calibrations for applicable equipment.

Look at their work instructions and documentation- do they know the right processes, procedures, and operations for PCB assembly, are they documented and are they actually doing it on the factory floor. This is a tough one to verify. You must have comprehensive knowledge of the processes to ensure they are doing things correctly- the first most important thing on the list.

Check key personnel�s education and view the CEMs education programs.

Quality and on-time record- see if they are tracking and can give you statistics. See if you can view their customer list and check some references.

Tour the facility and look for organization of facility and cleanliness, facility environmental control- temp and RH- comfort for people and safe for components, appearance of machines- cleanliness, product flow through the factory and look at the people- their faces.

And finally, financials. Check on their financial health- current and past.

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cem audit check-list | 1 July, 2006

Thank you PeteC for the crucial points you listed.

Once done this investigation I'll be ready to apply for New Scotland Yard :-)

Regards, Olas

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