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Soldering Help

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Soldering Help | 10 July, 2006

I'm looking to solder a individual wire to each of the leads of a voltage regulator. Any advice in keeping them from touching? See item below.

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Soldering Help | 10 July, 2006

We'd: * Clamp vice grips on the leads to keep movement of the leads from weakening the seal between the leads and the plastic body of the device. * Bend each lead skyward [90* to the deck] at a different distance from the body. * Wrap the insulated wire to be soldered around each lead. * Solder the wire to the lead.

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Soldering Help | 11 July, 2006

1) Use insulated wire & only strip back as much as you need for a good joint.

2) Wrap insulation tape around each joint (package lead with wire) after soldering to avoid any possibility of touching.

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Soldering Help | 11 July, 2006

30 gage wire and lap solder, you will have no issues.

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Soldering Help | 12 July, 2006

Mike , Look at, Guidebook, section 6,6.1. This method of attaching jumper wires is in accordance to the acceptability criteria of IPC-A-610 section You did not specify what wire AWG is. I am assuming it is smalle than 20AWG.

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Soldering Help | 13 July, 2006


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