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Flex board pallet

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Flex board pallet | 27 July, 2006

Hello all,

We have customer who wants to produce boards 0.4 mm thick. But they have not allowed to put into the panel. Board has not regular shape so without pallet it is not possible to produce. I made pallet where is pocket the same shape as board. So far i put tight tolerance so you need to squeeze a little board to fix it. This is due to printing process. If i don't have this board just stick to the bottom side of stencil. My question is how apart from this method i can fix more proper (in time worn of pocket side and too lose pcb in the pallet)PCB in the pallet. Any suggestion or comercial solution ?

Regards David

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Flex board pallet | 27 July, 2006

Hi David,

we used the following techniques in high volume production, depending on the type of flexi-board:

(all were in milled pockets in a durastone pallet)

1) Kapton tape top & bottom

2) Spray mount & samll amount of kapton tape (you only had to spray every 3-4 reflows, and we used a card mask)

3) High temperature masking tape

4) Double sided sticky tape (this tended to last about 20-30 reflows)

Good luck,


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Flex board pallet | 27 July, 2006

We use same methods of PCB attachment to carrier as Rob lists. To be more specific on pocket size, we machine our durostone carriers so there is 0.010 inch gap around perimeter of board. This might seem like a lot but (from my experience) you will see ugly problems with PCB expansion during reflow if you go less. The result can be parts popping off the board (hopefully not taking pads with!) as well as warpage. Also, the pocket depth we use is 0.005 inches less than board thickness.

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Flex board pallet | 29 July, 2006

What kind of material is Durastone? The only I could find on Google is a stone used for tiles, but probably you are referring to another material. I hope it is not extracted from the same mines of Baohodium ;-)

Regards, Olas

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Flex board pallet | 29 July, 2006

Sorry, I found it. I typed Durastone instead of Durostone. Interesting material.

Have a good day, Olas

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