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Siemens SiPlace, Model 80 S20 FS02

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Siemens SiPlace, Model 80 S20 FS02 | 27 July, 2006

I am searching for any information concerning this type of SMT placement equipment. Currently our facility utilizes Panasonic CM202 inline with MyData MY12 machines for our production builds.

Our managment has found a couple of the Siemens machines for a low cost and are considering implementing these machines with our other MyDatas to try and increase throughput within the plant.

There are those of us who would rather see another CM202 installed as it would be a transparent installation and increase our throughput, without causing downtime due to a huge learning curve.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback, for or against this idea and your reasoning why. Then my opinion will be of greater value to those who will ultimtely be the ones making the final decision here.

So if you have any experiences with programming, troubleshooting, or the operation of a Seimens C82 SMT machinery, I would greatly appreciate your input!!!

Thank you for your time and assistance!


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Siemens SiPlace, Model 80 S20 FS02 | 28 July, 2006

IF you are in the UK then you are probably best to run from that particular model at a bargain price. A huge number were released onto the market when a certain handset manufacturer shut down, and they hadn't exactly been cosseted. Quite a few companies got stung with big repair bills.

However..if they are in immaculate condition then they are good machines, but if your work is more suited to higher volume, low change over, stick with the Panasonic. Regarding the oddform/large placement with the Mydata, I would go with a good F3/F4/F5 every time.

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Siemens SiPlace, Model 80 S20 FS02 | 28 July, 2006

I think Siemens 80 S20 is a great machine. I worked on them for a few years, with very little problems. They are extremely easy to maintain. I think a complete PM took about an hour. The software is good and user friendly. You can change one over in about 5 to 10 minutes. Very accurate and reliable vision system. Plus they have a small footprint. They are easy to calibrate also. My only problem with Siemens is the cost of spare parts. The support was pretty good also, as long as you register the machine. I know a guy in who sells a lot of these. I'm not sure if they are reconditioned, but I can give you his contact info if you like.

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