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Flying Probe

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Flying Probe | 29 July, 2006


how does a flying probe work and what does it do in the electrical testing process?

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Flying Probe | 29 July, 2006

A flying probe tester is a mid-speed placement machine with no feeders and the placement heads replaced with manufacturing defects analyzer test probe activator head. It is useful for testing bare boards, first piece inspections, and low volume production runs where the cost of a dediacted test head is not justified.

Flying probe tester supplers are: * Takaya - * Spea - * Flying Scorpion - * We think Teradyne sold their Javelin line of flying probe testers to someone-or-other

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Flying Probe | 29 July, 2006

Some have a bottom side adaptor plates with pins to make contact to certain areas of your board. The top side may have one or multiple heads that can move the entire area of your board. On each of these haeds is a pin like that from an ICT machine. Some have multiple pins. The concept of the flying probe is to be a flexible ICT machine. So now you can ICT proto types without having to buy expensive ICT bed of nail fixtures. The biggest draw back is the test time. Flying probes machines can take longer than a regular ICT.

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