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SMD / BGA Rework

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SMD / BGA Rework | 1 August, 2006

Hi Friends,

My unit here requires a SMD / BGA rework system. Our team has to finally select from the followings :- Ersa , Martin , Finetech & Metcal.

Can you please help us in sharing your experience in comparison to all.


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SMD / BGA Rework | 14 August, 2006

sant, When I worked in contract manufacturing, I used Air Vac or SRT systems which are rather large units. They are great for larger boards and BGA's. In my OEM life, I prefer smaller desk top units, which are more adapted to small boards with small components, and tight clearances. My world now includes many small leadless devices like QFN's, LLP's and Direct FET packages. My preference is for a complete IR system, both top and bottom. This allows me to create profiles that target the specific component I need to rework, without disturbing the surrounding components, a common problem with air convection systems. Sure there are many tricks to overcome these challenges, but I am looking for a repeatable process that can be properly documented, without negative long term reliability issues, which I can trust out on the mfg floor.

Cost is probably a big concern. Plan on spending a min of $30K. I recommend bringing in the reps for a 1 week trial of their machines and see for yourself.

Good luck.

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SMD / BGA Rework | 14 August, 2006

I have used Martin, Metcal and Ersa.

I would go with the Metcal. i thnk you get the most bang for your buck withthis unit.

Martin service and support can be taxing on the Mind if you are in US. fairly decent unit though. would recommend if you live around Germany.


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SMD / BGA Rework | 27 August, 2006


1. What Kind of IR System you use? 2. With QFN, LLP packages, how do you apply solder paste for rework?

Thanks for your answers


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