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used smt

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used smt | 2 August, 2006

Presently I am looking to buy either a PDR X410 or ERSA IR550A rework mahine.The PDR model is the favourite at the moment however I would not turn down the ERSA model or any other similarly specified infrared based rework system.Unfortunately I have a limited budget so any used,refurbished or excess stock items would be ideal.

Thanks all

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smt rework | 2 August, 2006

Good luck finding used. Ersa is top quality but you pay for it. The IR from Ersa is a medium wavelength thus heating is consistent across the board despite different component densities and colors. PDR does not heat the same and thus you have to be more careful not to burn the board.

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smt rework | 9 November, 2006

Can anyone tell me an approximate cost of the PDR 410 and/or ERSA IR rework station? Is the main advantage of using these systems over a hot air machine in that nozzles are not needed?

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smt rework | 9 November, 2006

I was quoted a new ERSA IR550_PL550 unit last year for $36,500.00. I purchase a previously owned but never used one for $28,000.00.


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smt rework | 9 November, 2006

Thanks Jerry. Did you buy your unit through Ersa or a used dealer/distributor?

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smt rework | 9 November, 2006

A used equipment dealer. I think I posted a wanted listing in the Equipment Mart to get the lead.


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smt rework | 10 November, 2006

I had a PDR Lightmaster Pro at the last place I worked at, and I thought it was the best rework station I've ever used. Not only because of the fact that no nozzles were needed, but the heat delivery from the focused IR light was superb. I don't know what the other steve was talking about burning boards. I think the only way you could burn a board was if the profile that you created was really out to lunch. The station was so flexible. I purchased the station without a computer (you can get your own for much cheaper than what they charge), and paid right at 29K for it. It was worth every penny.

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smt rework | 13 November, 2006

We have the X410 machine here, checked out the ERSA, both came in around the same price but we liked the X410 better as the control software is excellent.

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smt rework | 15 November, 2006

I have been looking into buying a rework station like ERSA or PDR. What I am questioning is how well will these systems reflow BGA's with metal top/cover that are reflective. In addition, when preheating the board would dark body packages absorb temperature faster thus reach a higher temperature than the board and /or the solder joints that are shiny? Going through the sales guys does not seem to be productive . . . can't get straight answers to technical questions. I keep hearing and reading that there is no shadowing effect because these systems use medium wavelength IR. Yet ERSA sells reflective tape to cover adjacent components during reflow. As far as I know, when using IR, medium wavelength is optimal based on the absorbtion characteristics of circuit boards (i.e at this wavelength they absorb 70% of IR energy). However, black surfaces would still heat up faster than light/reflective surfaces regardless of the wavelength . . . correct?

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smt rework | 19 November, 2006


2.5 years ago, I pointed out the exact same thing you did now. (please see the below link)

I am a competing brand's rep for 3 years, but prior to that, I have worked on designing HeatSlugBGA packages, as well as the cavity down ViperBGAs where the whole top is covered with metal.

I have never seen a component with heatslug in the ERSA promotion materials. Neither have I received an answer to my questions from the people who did rework on those type of components. ERSA has very good machines, and these quiet (no compressor needed) machines do rework nicely for most components, I am sure.

For components with leads, the body might receive lots of heat until the leads are brought to the required temperature. With CSP's and PBGAs, there is no metal shown, and the black surface will be nicely heated by IR.

But when it comes to heatslug BGAs, I also would really like to get feedback from the ERSA users.



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used smt | 21 November, 2006

From a used guy: See or browse at Where are you located, it always seems that the used market on certain products is better in some areas than others. In CA we see a lot of SRT and very few ERSA.

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smt rework | 4 December, 2006

Hello Dougs and Steve (the message before)

I am the R from PDR. Sitting here in England browsing. Thanks for your comments. In the end, all the technologies work to some degree...but as you have found out, we have some good points. It has been 20 years now since we started PDR and the story goes on....

Hope everything goes ok for you all. Best regards, Rog Gibbs.

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