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PCB open trace repair

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PCB open trace repair | 8 August, 2006

hi, can anyone share experience on PCB open trace repair? we have some data that indicates that this repair is high risk and really very dependant on repairer skills. It may also cause reliability issue for trace repair. please advice.

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PCB open trace repair | 8 August, 2006

Since we build produt and co not repair, we send our damaged boards to a place that specializes in board repair.

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PCB open trace repair | 9 August, 2006

Trace repair is dependent upon the operator. A highly skilled operator can repair a trace with no adverse effects on assembly. IPC has a manual on reapir methods and there associated risk relating to reliabilty. I wil try and find number when time permits for you or you can look for yourself at


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PCB open trace repair | 9 August, 2006

Our Manufacturing policy regarding welds is as follows.

1) Inner layers - depends on Core thickness and line width. Our shop will not do any welding on core thickness less then 5 mils. or line width less then 5 mil. Good AOI practices reduce the amount of opens on inner layers. (Scanning production Artwork is the Key or scanning first pieces prior to etching).

The major falure that will happen on Internal welds is caused by handeling after the weld is completed. (rubbing)

Once the weld is completed and the boards have been laminated together the weld is as strong as the origanal circuit.

2) Outer Layers are typically not done just for cosmetic reasons. but if they are done a thin coat of epoxy will be placed over them and then soldermask touched up to conceal. Again 5 mils circuits should be the Min.


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