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Infromation request from advantis users

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Infromation request from advantis users | 28 August, 2006

Dear SMTnet users,

We will make incestment for a SMT Line in near future and the closest machine seems as Advantis AC30-AC72. For more information we are producing DVB's with 30.000 cmp including QFP208, uBGA and needed capacity is nearly 30.000cmp/h. Before investment i want to learn more about these machines and the things that you can offer me before purchase. Thanks for your help and concern.

Best Regards.


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Infromation request from advantis users | 28 August, 2006

We just bought an Advantis w/flexjet head. Great machine. No problems with anything and Universal support is excellent as always. Prec-Pro dual lane feeders are the way to go. Also, I recommend buying the NPI module. This software allows you to make program checks/changes when you start and update component packages on the fly. NPI is very nice for low-volume/high-mix stuff. If you are running high volume all the time, the expense might not be what you need to spend money on. You really need to look at speed, though. 30,000 CPH will require some additional equipment for sure if you go with flexjet. Lightning head will get closer but I'm not familiar with rates achievable on a lightning and the limitations related to your package sizes.

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Infromation request from advantis users | 31 August, 2006

We bought that combination about a year ago and it has been great!! Never been so happy with an SMT line. With both machines you may be able to hit 30,000 CPH but that really depends on your component mix, I would say it would be hard to get there. These machines are very reliable and the Precision Pro feeders are exceptional. I would agree with the comments above about NPI software. We program ours off-line with Aegis and the DPO software. Considering the price of these machines, I dont think you can do any better. We have a video of the AC-30 on our website if you want to check it out.

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