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Paint flaking from Lead Free solder pot

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Paint flaking from Lead Free solder pot | 8 September, 2006

Hello all, The situation: We recently had 2 brand new solder wave installed, one after the other. On the first one, the "protective coating" on the solder pot started to flake off 1 day after start-up. The tech who did the installation witnessed it and order a free solder pot to replace it.

Now one month or so after the first installation, the second solder wave has been installed and guess what? The paint coating started flaking off this one as well. We just received the replacement solder pot for the first one. The pot is some sort of cast metal, not titanium.

My question is: Is it really necessary to replace the solder pot just because the so called protective coating is flaking off?

The second tech who installed the second wave assured us that it wasn't necessary to replace them, and that they should last for at least 10 years even without the coating. We are using SN100C as solder.

I would like some opinions about this. I don't want to name the solder wave brand. Anyone has experienced this type of thing?

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Paint flaking from Lead Free solder pot | 8 September, 2006

Last april,I have seen same behavior on a pot using SACX. Phenomena happened just few days after start up of a brand new solder wave. I know they have got the pot replaced but I do not know what about the new pot if had same problem.

I know they made also the solder analysis but found all elements were in the specs.

Best Regards.....GS

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Paint flaking from Lead Free solder pot | 8 September, 2006

SN100C is designed not to corrode your pot, and can be used on standard solderpots (after a proper clean out), whereas SACX is still corrosive and if the coating is compromised then could cause problems.

Get it in writing from the supplier that the supplier knows that the pot is flaking & that they will replace FOC if any future corrosion or contamination occurs.

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